Euro 2014

Iceland knocked down Norway in the nordic viking battle

Iceland knocked down Norway in the nordic viking battle

Iceland got a good start in the opening match of European Championship 2014 against Norway. With a big lead they made it difficult for their nordic neighbours to get in contact with them and and kept the distance to half time with the result 16-10.

Norway must had a good talk in the dressingroom. With more direct play at goal they managed to get a little closer, but got never closer than three goals at 19-22. Iceland just pushed the speeder a little and again they got a good distance just to secure a victory and their first two points in the Euro 2014.

[box title=”Iceland vs Norway, Group B, Aalborg” box_color=”#8c010d”]Result: 0-0 (0-0)

Suspensions: ISL 5x2min, NOR 5x2min

Referees: Gubica/Milosevic, Croatia

Spectators: 4000


Björgvin Pall Gustavsson, Vignir Svavarsson (1), Kari Kristjan Kristjansson, Aron Palmarsson (2), Asgeir Örn Hallgrimsson (6), Arnor Atlason (3), Porir Olafsson (3), Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson (9), Snorri Stein Gudjonsson (3), Aron Rafn Edvarsson, Sverre Jakobsson, Robert Gunnarsson, Runar Karason (4), Stefan Rafn Sigurmansson, Bjarki Mar Gunnarsson, Gunnar Steinn Jonsson


Magnus Dahl, Sander Sagosen (1), Bjarte Myrhol (1), Børge Lund, Håvard Tvedten (4), Erlend Mamelund, Ole Erevik, Kent Robin Tønnesen, Christian O’Sullivan (2), Kristian Bjørnsen, André Lindboe (3), Magnus Gullerud (2), Kristian Kjelling (7), Harald Reinkind (6), Steffen Berg Løkkebø, Espen Lie Hansen
[/box] [gmap address=”Gigantium Arena, Denmark”]

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