Euro 2014

Spain won easily against Hungary

Spain won easily against Hungary

Spain had total control against Hungary Sunday evening in Aalborg. With a seven goal lead to half time there were no doubt that Spain had total control of the match and could cruise in to their two first points in the European Championship 2014.

– We must dream big, Victor Tomas told Timeout Magazine after the match.

And, it’s no doubt Spain got the right to dream big when we see them win so easily against Hungary. With the brakes on and rotating all players during the match we think Spain will be a strong candidate to one of the four semi final places. Even if Victor Tomas tries to convince us that Spain played at 100% strength. We think he’s just being polite.

Tuesday Spain will meet Norway, probably an easier task than the last group match against Iceland at Thursday.

[box title=”Spain vs Hungary, Group B, Aalborg” box_color=”#8b010d”]Result: 34-27 (17-10)

Suspensions: ESP 3×2 min, HUN 7×2 min

Referees: Krstic/Ljubic, Slovenia

Spectators: 4000


Eduardo Gurbinod (1), Albert Rocas (5), Jorge Maqueda (2), Victor Tomas (5), Raul Entrerrios (3), Daniel Sarmiento (2), Jose Manuel Sierra, Cristian Ugalde (2), Juan Andreau (4), Joan Canellas (1), Viran Argils de Morros, Carlos Ruesga, Antonio Jesus Garcia (2), Valero Riviera (4), Gedeon Guardiola (3), Gonzalo Perez de Vargas


Ferenc Ilyes (1), Szabols Szöllösi, Timuzsin Schcuch (2), Tamas Mocsai (2), Gabor Csaszar (2), Gergö Ivanscik (6), Barna Putics (1), Peter Tatai, Roland Mikler, Kornel Nagy (1), Peter Gulyas (2), Attila Vadkerti (3), Szabols Zubai, Gabor Szalafai (2), Gabor Ancsin (1), Mate Lakei (4)[/box]
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Euro 2014

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