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Győr pushed by FCM, but made it to the final

Győr pushed by FCM, but made it to the final
photo: szi

photo: szi

MVM EHF CL, Final4, Budapest, Papp László Sport Arena

Győri Audi ETO KC – FC Midtjylland 29 – 26 (16 -11)

Győri Audi ETO KC:

Goalkeepers: Katrine Lunde, Orsolya Herr, Field players: Anita Görbicz(7), Anikó Kovacsics(5), Heidi Löke (3), Szederke Sirián , Ivett Szepesi , Dorina Korsós (1), Adrienne Orbán (2), Bernadett Bognár- Bódi (2), Eduarda Amorim (5), Dóra Hornyák, Ágnes Boczkó-Hornyák, Katarina Bulatovic (4), Viktória Rédei Soós , Raphaelle Tervel

FC Midtyilland:

Goalkeepers: Sabine Englert, Louise Egestorp, Field plyers: Pauline Bögelund, Louise Spellerberg, Stine Jörgensen(8), Jane Mejlvang , Kristina Sommer , Simone Rasmussen, Susan Thorsgaard(1), Sofiel Olsen, Line Jörgensen(1), Fie Woller, Trine Troelsen (1), Trine Östergaard(3), Nycke Groot(9), Laerke Möller(3)

After a spectacular opening ceremony the first semifinal of the MVM EHF FF has started.

DSC_0194Hungarian Győr met FCM from Denmark, and after the first two minutes teh score was equal, by fast scorings both way.
The first half was them dominated clearly by Győr, scoring many goals from backplayer positions, Eduarda Amorim, Katarina Bulatovic or Anita Görbicz were quiet efficient, meanwhile Heidi Löke on the line was also unstoppable.Katrine Lunde had a saving performance over fifty percent. FCM had some good moments at the start of the match but the half time ended 16-11 for the title holder.

In the second half FCM had a furios start and reduced the gap to two goals through some fast counter attacks of Trine Östergaard, 16-14. Ambros Martín’s timeout call had woke up Hungarians and they put two more goals to the encounter, increasing the lead to 19-15 again. Görbicz and Bódi netted also and Győr has a comfortable lead at 21-16, 41.minute.

Ten minutes before the end the score was 23-20 for Győr and the fans in grren and white made an incredible athmosphere to support their team, Lunde was till amazing in the goal and the offensive play of Hungarian worked also well.
When seven minutes to go, Bulatovic scores for a five goals difference, 25 -20. Anikó Kovacsics scores fro 26 – 20, but Groot reduces the difference.
Then Fc Midtjylland scores some fast goals, Győr is punished bt referees twice with 2 minutes, but the experience of Győr players helped them to get into teh final of CL, third time in a row.

Final score: 29-26.

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