Pan-American Championship reaches semi finals

Pan-American Championship reaches semi finals

Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile to play for a spot in the grand final

America is about to know which countries are qualified for the Men’s World Championship in Catar. Held in Canelones (Uruguay), the Pan-American Championship has just reached the semi final phase. Three of these four teams (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile) are going to the Middle East in January.

Brazil and Argentina completed the first phase in the top of their groups, winning all matches. Uruguay and Chile came in second, respectively. Meanwhile, United States, Mexico, Guatemala and Greenland will play for the 5th place.

Brazilians and Argentineans quite often meet each other in continental finals. Last time was in the South American Games, with Brazil winning by just two goals in extra time.

See below all results from the first phase and upcoming fixtures:

Group A
Brazil 28 x 17 United States
Uruguay 36 x 19 Guatemala
Brazil 54 x 12 Guatemala
Uruguay 27 x 23 United States
United States 34 x 28 Guatemala
Brazil 33 x 15 Uruguay

Group B
Chile 34 x 18 Mexico
Argentina 33 x 20 Greenland
Argentina 33 x 16 Mexico
Greenland 24 x 29 Chile
Greenland 33 x 24 Mexico
Argentina 34 x 19 Chile

Saturday (28)
14h: Argentina x Uruguay – semi final 1st place
16h: Greenland x Guatemala – semi final 5th place
18h: Brazil x Chile – semi final 1st place
20h: United States x Mexico – semi final 5th place

Sunday (29)
14h: 7th place final
16h: 5th place final
18h: Bronze medal match
20h: Gold medal match

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