Vesna Milanovic Litre: ” My family is the most important to me..”

Vesna Milanovic Litre: ” My family is the most important to me..”
photo: győri audi eto kc

photo: győri audi eto kc

She is a Croatian handball player, on the court her position is lineplayer. Is a nice, but modest person, if looking to find many information about her in media, I can assure you, that is not the case.  She answered imediatelly on my request to share some more information about herself in order to be better known by fans and the handball-world.

Transfered from Podravka Koprivnica to Győri Audi ETO KC this summer,  the 28 years old Croatian, Vesna Milanovic Litre fulfilled a dream, that one to play in the best team of the world, to be part of the most professional club and to try something different. She will share the lineplayer position with Heidi Löke, coach Ambros Martín planning to give her important role in both ends of the court.

As a person she is a  romantic, hungry to learn new things, family is very important to her, she likes to dance and  of course to play handball.

About bornplace, family and first memories of handball

Borned in Sinj, a small town in Croatia Vesna was  a cheery schoolgirl, looking for something funny to do:

” Except school, I had no hobbies, so I chose handball, being the most popular female sport at that time in Sinj. My childhood was very exciting , having a big family, with three sisters and a brother, we had a lot of fun together. My family is still the most important to me!”

Workout in Győr photo: győri audi eto kc

Workout in Győr
photo: győri audi eto kc

About her new club, preparation and free time in Győr

“My first impressions are really good, my teammates and coaches are very nice, helping me to be able to really find my place in the team. There are of course things which works differently here, for exampe the preperation period in Croatia starts later and the handball workouts are not scheduled so early in the program. In Győr, workouts are ongoing in a very professional way, you have this feeling to be in company of really professional players.

Sometimes we have morning-free, than I go with the girls to take the lunch, after that I used to have a little rest before the afternoon workout or sometimes we attend Hungarian language courses as well.”

About being abroad, far from everything you got used to

Moving to another country is not so “big deal”, many could think, especially when we are talking about athletes. But always there is a person inside an athlete, this time a handball player, who has toughts, feelings, family members, relationship, friendships, the taste of the traditional food of her country, the smell of the home-town or the arena, maybe the favourite coffeshop or restaurant –  of course outsiders means that everything is easy with changing a club, a country, a team, but Vesna also has some things she misses a lot!

“Of course I have homesickness, I think everybody would feel like that, being so bounded to her family like me. So I miss a lot my family, my niece and becoming an aunt for third time, I have  a nephew I haven’t met yet, only on skype, so I look forward eagerly to see him soon. I also have to get used to be here without my friends, my boyfriend and I have to confess that I miss Croatian cuisine,my mom’s food as well. And finally, the Croatian sea…”

In action photo: Bela Baumann

In action photo: Bela Baumann

About what/who makes her laugh

“My friends and my niece always makes me laugh, but good stories, quotes I find on the net can also be funny”

About dreams, plans and expectations

Some peoples has dreams, but they don’t like talking about them-as Vesna-but she wants to win in Győr/with Győr a lot, that’s the plan.

“I have many dreams, but the most important thing staying healthy, to be happy and the rest will also come by itself I hope, with God’s help…About plans and expectation, I would like to repeat the team’s results from last year, to win all three titles, included the CL and with Croatian national team I expect to finally win a medal at European Championships, because we have a good team. Time will of course show…”

About her best memory on the handball court

Every player has unforgatable memories along their handball career, Vesna remembers ” the Olympic Games in London, 2012 was the best thing I can remember, it is a real honour to participate at Olympics, perfect, indescribable feeling.”

Playing against her earlier team, Podravka photo: győri audi eto kc

Playing against her earlier team, Podravka
photo: győri audi eto kc

About her hobbies

I was curious what kind of books is Vesna reading, which movies she likes, if she is intrested in fashion, which other sports she follows or who is her favourite athlete?

“My favourite book is P.S.I love you by Cecelia Ahern, and I of course I like the movie with the same title. Other favourite movies could be almost anything related to dance, since I really like to dance , so Step Up 1 could be a good choice. But I should not forget Pride And Prejudice either..

Of course I am interested in fashion, I am a women afterall, and even if I am handball player I read fashion magazines and fashion blogs and I really wear everything, I am mixing the styles sometimes, I am fond of both sporty and more feminin style.

As an athlete myself I follow other sports, I am interested in every sport where Croatia is in competition, like handball or water polo for example.

For me the favourite athlete is a handball player, and that is Ivano Balic!”

About traveling and favourite spots

“Unfortunatelly I don’t have enough free time to travel as much as I would like to, but I have visited recently Paris, at New Years Eve, and I was delighted by everything in the city, the architecture, how well organized is. My other favourite spot is London, I really love everything about London.”

First impressions about handball fans in Győr

The white-green crowd of Győr is encouraging their team everytime, everywhere, Vesna says that ” Fans in Győr are really nice people, it is obviuos that they are loving handball, matches are part of their lifes and the team, the victories are really important to them.”


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