Golden League: Norway hit France, Denmark defeated Brasil

Golden League: Norway hit France, Denmark defeated Brasil
photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Golden League, Denmark

Esbjerg, Blue Water Dokken

Norway – France 23 – 15 (14 – 9)

Norway took a quick start, Kari Aalvik Grimsbö had a saving percent of 55%, Oftedal stood up like a real playmaker, Linn Jörum Sulland made her job by scoring from distance and the defense was working very well.

France seemed to be clueless playing against Norwegian defense or Grimsbö in the goal, only Lacrabére in some periods of the game was able to show something Alain Porter would have expected from his team.

Norway: Oftedal 3, Nora Mörk 5, V.Kristiansen 4, Alstad 1, Sulland 4, Herrem 1, Sa.Solberg 1, Arntzen 3, Mortensen 1

France: Kamto 1, Niombla 2, Zaadi 1, Dembele 2, Lacrabére 4, Ayglon 1, Bruneau 1, Housette 2, Lawson 1



photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Denmark –  Brasil 28 – 24 (15 – 9)

Brasil could not stop the fast Danish counterattacks and played with a lot of mistakes. Rodrigues and Amorim helped Soubak’s team in the second half to come back in the match and to win the second half. The match was won by Danes, much more motivated and with a much higher speed in their feet than two days ago, using the wings and the lineplayers.

Denmark: Nörgaard 6, Burgaard 6, Kvieasgaard 4, S.Jörgensen 4, Kristiansen 1, Thorsgaard 3, Bonde 2, Hansen 1

Brasil:  Rodriguez 7, Amorim 3, Nascimento 3, Rocha 3, Piedade 2, Cavaleiro 1, Maura 2, Quintino 1, Da Silva 1



Results from first day:

Brasil –  Norway 27 – 31 (16 -13)

Denmark –  France 19 – 22 (10-9)

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