European countries accepts sport rigging convention

European countries accepts sport rigging convention

According to a news article recently published on the popular Norwegian website www.Casinopå 15 European countries has agreed to a new convention against sports rigging.

A total of fifteen European countries, including Norway, has signed the new convention against Manipulation of Sports Competition. The convention aims to prohibit, detect and swiftly punish criminals who rigs sports events in their favor. The convention was signed last Thursday.

The Council of Europe drafted this convention in March 2012, and all the countries that have signed the convention agrees to create penalties, to supply betting agencies with fitting guidelines and to support a cross border judicial cooperation between the countries.

It demands that the countries prevents potential conflicts of interests with regards to betting agencies, the event organisers and the athletes themselves. It also gives the participant countries the possibility to restrict access for the betting agencies, and also to stop the financial transactions if needed.

In addition to this, a international cooperation will be further strengthened by a cross border notification system for any suspicious placed bets.
The Council of Europes secretary general, Thorbjorn Jagland, says this treaty is a ”big step in the right direction when it comes to the integrity, ethics and transparency in international sports.”

These countries were the first 15 to sign the new convention: Germany, Azerbaijan, Denmark, Georgia, Lithuania, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Armenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Montenegro, the Netherlands and Serbia.

The next step for the signing countries is to get the support of their parliaments, who has to ratify the convention. It will come into force only when the first five countries have ratified the treaty.

A big money game

The way sports has been commercialised the past few years in combination with the globalisation that has taken place for the sports events marked, has togheter made a massive influence on the competitions financial implications, says the council of Europe.

They also says that a qualification for the prestigious football tournament UEFA Champions League can represent up to €15 million in extra income for a club, which potentially can lead to match rigging. In France, a promotion to a professional league could mean between €4 and €5 million in extra income for the promoted club.

This convention is only the third ever. The previous ones was the 1985 convention against specator violence, and the other one was the anti-doping convention from 1989.

Source of the news: http://www.casinopå

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