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Møbelringen Cup in Norway – the participants

Møbelringen Cup in Norway – the participants

This week another edition of Golden League/Möbelringe Cup is organised in Norway in two venues, Larvik Arena and Oslo Spektrum.

Four teams will participate: Denmark, Norway , France and Serbia. Here are the squads:

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Goalkeepers: Rikke Poulsen (Viborg HK), Sandra Toft (Larvik HK)

Leftwings:, Ann Grethe Nørgaard (TTH)

Rightwings: Trine Østergaard (FCM), Maibritt Kvieasgaard (Team Esbjerg)

Backplayers and playmakers: Kristina Kristiansen (TTH), Lotte Grigel (Team Esbjerg), Stine Jørgensen (FCM), Line Jørgensen (FCM), Pernille Larsen (København Håndbold), Louise Burgaard (Viborg HK), Lærke Møller(Team Tvis Holstebro), Anne Mette Hansen (København Håndbold), Mette Tranborg ( SK Aarhus)

Lineplayers: Marianne Bonde Pedersen (København Håndbold), Susan Thorsgaard (FCM), Mette Gravholt (Viborg HK)


Seems like Viborgs leftwing Maria Fisker has got a break after a hard preseason, but maybe only for this tournament, and Lærke Møller, Anne Matte hansen and Mette Tranborg will have the chance to show themselves in order to catch the last tickets to Hungary.


photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Goalkeepers: Kari Aalvik Grimsbø (Team Esbjerg), Silje Solberg (Team Tvis Holstebro)

Rightwing: Linn-Kristian Riegelhuth Koren (Larvik HK), Maja Jakobsen (Storhamar)

Leftwing: Camilla Herrem (HCM Baia Mare), Sanna Solberg (Larvik HK)

Backplayers and playmakers: Veronica Kristiansen (Glassverket IF), Ida Alstad (FC Midtjylland), Karoline Dyhre Breivang (Larvik HK) Stine Bredal Oftedal (Issy Paris Hand), Nora Mørk (Larvik HK), Bettina Riegelhuth (Storhamar), Emili Hegh Arntzen (Byåsen), Linn Jørum Sulland (Larvik HK)

Lineplayers: Heidi Løke (Győri Aud ETO KC), Pernille Wibe (Issy Paris Hand)

Norwagian squad is complete, in addition two players from the B-team will prepare with the squad, Emily Stang Sando and Vilde Mortensen Ingstad.

Katrien Lunde is pregnant, she misses the ECH, Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin stopped at the  NT, Linn Gossé is out of the squad and Amanda Kurtovic not ready yet for such a tournament.


photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Goalkeepers: Laura Glausser (Metz), Amandine Leynaud (Vardar), Armelle Attingré (Issy Paris)

Leftwings: Siraba Dembele (Vardar), Paule Baudouine (Metz)

Rightwings: Marie Prouvensier (Dijon)

Playmakers: Allison Pineau (Krim), Grace Zaadi (Metz), Estelle Nze Minko (Nantes)

Leftbacks: Wendy Lawson(Nantes), Laura Kamdop (Fleury), Alice Leveque (Mios Biganos), Gnonsiane Niombla (Fleury)

Rightbacks: Alexandra Lacrabére (Nice), Camille Ayglon (Nimes), Marie Paule Gnabouyou (Toulon), Cisse Koumba (Le Havre), Marie Francois (Dijon )

Lineplayers: Nina Kamto (Metz), Laurissa Landre (Le Havre)

At France there are a lot of new faces, there is no Cléopatre Darleux (injured)  in the goal, or Mariama Signaté on leftback, rightwings are also hard to find in this squad.

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud


Goalkeepers:  Jovana Risović (Radnički KG), Ana Kačarević (Naisa).

Left wings: Sanja Radosavljević (Radnički KG), Jelena Nišavić (Radnički KG),

Rightwings: Katarina Krpež (ÉRD)

Backpalyers and playmakers: Katarina Stepanović (Radnički KG),  Biljana Bandelier (Nice), Jovana Stoiljković (Nantes), Jelena Trifunović (Podravka),  Anđela Janjušević (Radnički KG), Jelena Popović (Nantes), Jelena Živković (Podravka), Dijana Radojević (Jagodina).

Lineplayers:  Sanja Rajović (Lokomotiva), Marija Lojpur (Szeged).

Serbia has maybe the starngest squad of the four participants, since they are struggeling with injuries at their key-players.

Andrea Lekic has suffered an ankle injury two weeks ago, not able to train, Sanja Damnjanovic was not allowed to play the last two CL round in Viborg, her knee won’t tolerate an ECh with so many matches. Kristina Liscevic has also suffered an ankle injury in last weeks, something which stops her to be able to play at ECh.

Dragana Cvijic is not in the squad for Möbelringen of unknown reasons. Rightwinger Ivana Milosevic is also injured, not able to play in December.

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