Euro 2014

Norway defeated Denmark, won the group B, with statments

Norway defeated Denmark, won the group B, with statments
photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

European Championship, women

Debrecen, Főnix Arena

Group B: Norway, Denmark, Romania, Ukraine

Norway –  Denmark 27 – 21  (12 – 13)


Norway: Stang Sando, Solberg (GK) – Kristiansen 3 , Alstad 2, Löke 7 , Koren 6  , Mörk 3 ,  Herrem  , Oftedal 1 , Wibe, Jakobsen 2 , Björndalen, B.Riegelhuth 3 , Arntzen, Breivang 1 , Si.Solberg

Denmark: Toft, Poulsen (GK) –  Kviesgaard , Thorsgaard  1, Fisker  2, Hansen, Gravholt 2 , Griegel, Holmsgaard,L. Jörgensen 3 , Kristiansen , Nörgaard  4, Östergaard 2, Spellerberg, Burgaard  4, S.Jörgensen 3

Thorir Hergeirsson (ISL) –  head coach

About his team’s performance:

“Denmark put up a good fight, but we performed one of our best half’s ever (referring to the second half). Solberg (goalkeeper) was brilliant, and I’m happy the young players stepped up and took charge today.”

Heidi Löke (NOR) – line player

About the team performance: 

“It is amazing that we can go from playing ok in first half to play as good as we did in the second half. I’m glad that we turned it around, and I think it’s very good that we actually only were down with one goal (12:13) as we did not perform well at all in first half.”

“Our defense in second half was very strong, and Silje (Solberg, goalkeeper) was just amazing.”

About what they talked about at half-time: 

“We had to be more aggressive in our defence, and start running forward. And we managed to do that.”

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Silje Solberg (NOR) – goalkeeper

About the team’s performance: 

“We could have played better, our defense was not good in the first half, but as long as the second half is that good we are happy.”

About being Norway’s best player: 

“It feels great, and it helps that I’m playing in Denmark and know most of the players. Especially in the second half, my focus is exactly where it has to be and I’m reading the Danish players very well. It almost felt like they didn’t wanted to shoot anymore in the end.”

Jan Pytlick (DEN) – head coach

About the match:

“We played a good first half but Norway were playing a really good second half. We weren’t focused enough and we missed too many shots.”

About what made the difference between the two teams:

“It was because of our attack. If we had kept up and scored goals, I think it would have been a different match. But we couldn’t do that.”

“First we missed too many chances and then we played too stereotypical in some periods.”

About what they could have done differently:

“We should have had more patience. Our attacks were too fast.”

About the tournament:

“We take one point with us to the main round. We hoped on four points. If Norway are good and win their matches we still have an opportunity to reach the semi-final.”

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Kristina Kristiansen (DEN) – centre back

About the match:

“It is really frustrating when we have played two good games against Norway (in the Golden League) but we couldn’t win today.”

About Silje Solberg’s many saves:

“Silje (Solberg, NOR goalkeeper) in the second half just saved everything. If she didn’t save the ball, she caught it. She was really good today. I think that made the difference.”

About the possibility of going to the semi-final:

“If I didn’t think we could do it, I could travel home right away.”

Sandra Toft (DEN) – goalkeeper

About what made the difference:

“We were in control in the first 20 minutes and led with three goals but then something happened. We have to take a look at this. The match turned and we couldn’t stop them.”

About the chances to progress past the main round:

“We have to fight as much as we can in every match and then I hope it is enough”


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Euro 2014

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