Euro 2014

Spain defeated Hungary, statements after the game

Spain defeated Hungary, statements after the game
photo: Uros Hocevar-ehf

photo: Uros Hocevar-ehf

European Championship, women

Győr-Audi Arena

Group A: Hungary, Spain, Russia, Poland

Hungary –  Spain  26 -27 (13 – 13)


Hungary:  Herr, Bíró, Kiss (GK) – Triscsuk  6 , Szucsánszki  3, Kovacsics 2  , Bulath 1, Klivinyi , Szamoránsky , Bódi 1 , Mayer , Planéta 3  , Mészáros , Erdősi  1 , Kovacsicz 3 , Tomori 6

Spain: Navarro, Temprano (GK) – Lopez 1, Martin 10 , Nunez, Fernandez , Mangue 4 , Aguilar , Chavez  3, Pinedo 1 , Escribano, Pena 3, Gonzalez , Elorza 1, Egozkue 3 , Cabral 1

After a balanced first half, where both sides were in slight lead some priods of the game, Hungary managed  to got the lead , but the first half ended 13-13. Triscsuk, Tomori ans Szucsánszki netted for hosts, Kiss had good saves in the goal, menawhile Spain was led by Navarro and Martin.

In the second half Hungary managed to got the lead again and increase the gap to three, 21-18, but Spain leveled the score, took the lead, 26- 27 in the dying seconds of the match. Duenas called his timeout, and Spain mamaged to keep this result until the end.

Final result: 26 -27.

Best players of the match: Zsuzsanna Tomori (HUN) and (ESP)

Qiuck statments after the match:

Orsolya Herr (HUN) – Goalkeeper

About the last minutes of the match:

“I don’t know what happened, maybe we were a bit unfocused. I’m sorry it ended like this, because I think we could have won this game.”

About the atmosphere:

“The atmosphere was amazing today. I’m thankful for all the people who came and supported us. It felt good, they were the 8th man on the court today. I hope it will be similar in Debrecen as well, because we can really use the support.”

photo:Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo:Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Krisztina Triscsuk (HUN) – Left back

About the performance of the team:

“We made more technical mistakes in the second half. But I’m proud of the team, because we really showed teamwork. Maybe we started to celebrate too early, when we had a three-goal lead. But handball is so fast, it is never enough to have that lead with two minutes left.”

Zsuzsanna Tomori (HUN) – Right back

About the defeat:

“It was an important game against Spain. But the EURO is still going on; we still have three games left. So we must not feel upset about the result. Looking at the result of the Norway vs Denmark match, we still have hope.”

Anikó Kovacsics (HUN)-leftwing/playmaker

“I don’t really have the b feeling that we made a bad game, we just fought, made our job, but unfortunatelly we were not able to neutralize Carmen Martín. My reaction related to her was not quick enough either, I souldn’t have helped inside the defense, but I had to defend on her better. She made a realy good game, without any mistakes, her teammates also knew this, and every chances ended with the ball on the rightwing, the Spanish team is very good at making these situations.

I am not so disappointed, this was that type of game, I would say a rollercoaster, if the final wistle would have gone two minutes earlier, we had the victory, now they got it.

We still have chances the other group also has divided points. We won’t give up.”


photo: Björn Kenneth MUggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Carmen Martin (ESP) – right wing

About scoring 10 goals:

“I am lucky. Today I received a lot of balls with a lot of space and this gave me more possibilities to try different ways to shoot. If the team works like today, everything is easy.”

About her 100 % record in the preliminary round from penalties:

“I observed the goalkeepers from the others teams and in every penalty I try to stay calm and not to get nervous, especially in front of goalkeepers that are big.”

About the next rivals in main round:

“All these teams are difficult. At this stage of the EURO it’s impossible to play against a weak team.”

Jorge Duenas (ESP) – coach

About what he said to his players during the last timeout:

“I told them to stay patient with the ball, better to try to score another goal than to lose the ball. I said, as well, that they need to stay calm as they were had been during the whole match.”

About going to next round with four points:

“It was our dream go to the main round with four points in a group which was really difficult. I will tell my players that these four points are important, but now we have to keep the good job up and go step by step.”

Marta Mangue (ESP) – rightback:

“I am totally surprised that we managed to win this game, because Hungary played so well, their goalkeeper made us totally crazy in the first half, we could not score, so I have to say thank you for replacing her.

We managed to control the match at the end, Carmen had a huge day today, she was amazing, didn’t miss a single shoot.

I am really happy to have four points by enterig the Main Round, there we will face though opponents, but we want to reach the semifinals of course.”


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Euro 2014

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