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András Németh: “I expect much more from my players in attack”

András Németh: “I expect much more from my players in attack”
photo: Tamás Csonka

photo: Tamás Csonka

Anikó Kovacsics (HUN)-leftwing

“I am really happy that we got this victory, is much better feeling to win by on goal than to be defeated by one.

We made a good defense today, every player put her fight and will in this game and supported by an amazing crowd we collected the two points.”

András Németh (HUN)-headcoach

” I am really proud of my team, they fought until the end, and every player wanted so badly this victory.

“It was a though game, we defeated a very powerfull Romanian team, but we struggled in attack, actually I expect much more from all of my players in the offensive phase of the game.

We have two more games and we have to prepare properly to be able to collect more points and qualify to play in Budapest too.”

Cristina Neagu (ROM)-leftback

“It was a difficult game, against hosts of EURO2014, supported by a fantastic audience and we had problems in our play, especially in attack, or when we had a player more on the court, we could not score the goals we needed.

‘Personally I missed more clear chances, this is my responsibility, I should score there.

About referees

“I cannot say anything about referees, since is not in my nature to make comments about that, the game should have been won by us, when we had the chances. If this is the fairplay, so we had to adapt and to play in such way that we can get the victory in teh given circumstances.

“I am very disappointed off course, is never easy to lost a match by one goal, and to have chances in the lastseconds also to get at least a draw.”

IMG_6297bGheorghe Tadici (ROM)- headcoach

About the match

“I am sad of course because we lost, is difficult to be defeaated at one goal, but I mean that we have made several mistakes, when we had clear scoring situations, we missed balls and shoots, Neagu had to shoots hiting the poste and we could not score in situations when we had superiority on the court.

“I think also that the eferees made some mistakes, but I am not sure, if I am wrong I apologise, we should get a seven meter penalty in the last minutes at Ciuciulete, but you know in such a tensionate match, with such a pressure from supporters, mistakes can come both from players and referees.

” We will continue to prepare, our goal was to get into the first eight teams at this competition, is still possible, we can collect more points in next games.”

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Euro 2014

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