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Zagreb: Sweden and Montenegro takes steps to reach Budapest

Zagreb: Sweden and Montenegro takes steps to reach Budapest
photo: Tamás Csonka

Katarina Bulatovic (photo: Tamás Csonka)

European Championship, women

Zagreb, Croatia

Main Round, Group II.

1. France 2.Sweden  3. Netherland , 4. Montenegro , 5. Germany , 6. Slovakia

Netherland –  Montenegro  27 – 31 (13 – 15)


Netherland: Tess Wester, Jasmina Jankovic (GK) – Estavana Polman 8, Laura Van der Heijden 5,  Nycke Groot 4, Martine Smeets 3, Yvette Broch 3, Debbie Bont 2, Danick Snelder 1, Jurswailly Luciano 1

Montenegro: Marina Rajcic, Sonja bRjaktarovic (GK) – Katarina Bulatovic 10, Radmila Petrovic 6, Jovanka Radicevic 4, Marija Jovanovic 4, Milena Knezevic 3, Suzana Lazovic 3, Majda Mehmedovic 1

Estevana Polman has been injured in this match, injury caused by Suzana Lazovic, after the Montenegrin pushed Polman meanwhile she was jumping for a shoot. POlman was transported to the hospital, she is uncertain for the next match against France.

Nycke Groot (NED) – centre back

About  the defeat:

“It’s so very bad right now. We are very disappointed but they were physically very strong and we could not cope with that. There were periods when we played really well and we showed we could beat them, but then again when we got tired and we lost the game.”

About the key moments of the match:

“Bulatovic played a very good game and we had problems with her in our defence and we had problems to get through their defence.”

About the motivation for the last main round game against France:

“Maybe it’s good we do not have too much time to think about the defeat now as we have a new game against France tomorrow. We just have to keep our heads up and be stronger tomorrow. Their defence is also very strong and it is going to be a hard fight again. We have to watch a video and be ready again.”

Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Dragan Adzic (Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud)

Dragan Adzic (MNE) – head coach

“I do not remember when we played that bad a defence. I’m happy that we won, but we showed some great weaknesses. Our transition from attack to defence was very bad and it should be a warning to all of us. Tomorrow we have to play much better because we play against a more experienced Sweden. They can punish it even better than the Netherlands did.”

About Suzana Lazovic playing fewer minutes than usual:

“Lazovic arrived to the championship in a pretty bad condition so we had to substitute here more than usual in prior matches as well. But today you could really see that she is also very tired and that’s why her performance was below average. However, I believe we will solve this one tomorrow as well. Thanks God I have wing players like (Jovanka) Radicevic and (Majda) Mehmedovic that can play on line player position as well.“


Sweden –  Slovakia 31 – 22 (17 – 11)


Sweden: Johanna Bundsen, Filippa Idéhn (GK) –  Isabelle Gulldén 9, Ida Oden 5, Anna-Maria Johansson 3, Jessica Helleberg 3, Nathalie Hagman 3, Ulrika Ågren 3, Louise Sand 2, Sabina Rosengren Jacobsen 2, Linnea Torstensson 1


Slovakia: Lucia Gubikova, Zaneta Tothova (GK) – Simona Szarkova 7, Monika Rajnohova 5, Lucia Sukennikova 3, Lydia Jakubisova 2,  Reka Bizikova 2, Tetyana Trehubova 2, Dominika Hornakova 1


Ulrika Ågren (photo: Bjørn kenneth Muggerud)

Ulrika Agren (SWE) – line player

About the match against Montenegro on Wednesday:

“We have to improve every single element to win this one. Defence must be better, the same goes for attack and our counter attack.”

About Montenegro having had to play a tough match against Netherlands on Tuesday:

“That can be very important tomorrow because we played with all 16 players and Montenegro played with fewer. That is for sure our advantage.”

Dusan Poloz (CZE) – coach of Slovakia

“Sweden had the game under control for the 60 minutes and deservingly won. We lost a lot at the start, but after the break we improved our defence. Unfortunately at 19:24 we missed three penalty throws in a row. The end of the match could have been more positive towards our tomorrow’s decisive game versus Germany. We have to get ready thoroughly.”

Germany – France  24 – 24 (13 – 10)


Germany: Katja Schülke, Clara Woltering (GK) –  Angie  Geschke 9, Marlene Zapf 6, Laura Steinbach 3, Anne Müller 2, Ewgenija Minevskaja 2, Luisa Schulze 1, Nadja Nadgornaja 1

France: Amandine Leynaud, Armelle Attingré (GK) –  Paule Baudouin 5, Siraba Dembele 5, Estelle Nze Minko 4, Alexandra Lacrabere 3, Allison  Pineau 3, Laurisa Landre 2, Koumba Cisse 1, Nina Kamto Njitam 1

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Angie Geschke(photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud)

France has replaced goalkeeper Laura Glausser with another goalkeeper, Aremelle Attingré before this game.

Nadja Nadgornaja (GER) – left back

On the match:

“I think we played a good match, but unfortunately we were not calm enough to play it well until the end. But I am happy because we played good defence; we showed that we can play better than in previous matches. We tried to win and were so close to win, but it is disappointing that we did not succeed. I think we can still work on it and hopefully win against Slovakia.“

About whether a win against Slovakia would be like a Christmas present:

“It is not only Christmas present, but a present for us. We won only one game in this tournament, so we have to win this one whether it is Christmas or not.”

Amandine Leynaud (FRA) – goalkeeper

About whether it is a point won or a point lost:

“Of course it is a point lost. I think that Germany played much better than before. I think it is because they felt no stress and we did. We were not going straight enough to the goal and we missed too many shots. As time was running out, it was harder and harder for us to play.“

About whether the Netherlands are an even stronger opponent:

“I think that it does not matter whom we play against tomorrow. We just have to win this one however we can.”

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