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Triscsuk: “Finally we played as the Hungarian national team should do”

Triscsuk: “Finally we played as the Hungarian national team should do”
photo: Csonka Tamás

photo: Csonka Tamás

Krisztina Triscsuk (HUN) – leftback

” I am really glad and feel really good after this victory, finally we played as the Hungarian national team should do. I had also a better game since I could play on my  own position, on leftback, so I managed to do my favourite things on the court, distance shooting and find the lineplayer.

We managaed to win today against the olympic champions, however we had some games here at ECh when we played so badly that a whole country has criticized us.

Now we managed to reach our goal, to play in Budapest, and of course we will do everything to grab that fifth place.”

Anikó Kovacsics, leftwing-Hungary

About the match

“I am really happy that we showed such a released game after the loss against Denmaark, which is even more painfull now after this game and victory.

We managed to reach our goal, I hope that we will show the same fluent play against France as well in order to be capable to grab the best possible placement.

About yesterday’s preparation

Yesterday we did not have a special preparation, we just talked and evaluated our way at this ECh,what we have realized until now and what is our main goal for teh future, and we discussed that today’s match is a station on our way, so  we decided to play like a team, to show a better handball and to prove that Norwegians are not invincible.

About the game

“Today our game has worked in every element, in long periods: our attack went well, lineplayer, shooters and defesne was great, and our goalkeeper just continued her extra performance, which we got used to in this competition already.

Zsuzsanan Tomori, leftback -Hungary

“In the first twenty minutes we had some lack of concentration again, than we managed to raise up, and to overturn the match. After this period things started to work, in attack and defense as well, if we had some weaker periods than we helped each other a lot and we stayed focused and were motivated.

This Norwegian team was unbeaten at this ECh, so we had nothing to loose, we are at homecourt, so we decided to give everything. We were succesfull today in what we did and this made us to feel secure and to trust ourselves.

During the ECh we had a quiet instabile performance, but our team is young and we need time to get together, but if we will continue on this way, we could reach high.

Next game is against France for the fifth place, it will be a difficult and though match, French team is in good shape, but we want of course the victory. We will need to make our defens to work, to relay on our goalkeeper and play like a team”

photo: Björn kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn kenneth Muggerud

Thorir Hergeirsson, headcoach-Norway

” Hungary gave us a good fight, it was a good game, where my team gave everything, but we had some challanges, with sick players in the squad.

My team has played well, but we head a weaker period, with lack of concentration in the last eight minutes of the first half, there we lost the game actually.

We tried to win, but we did not managed with the players we had. I think it is a useful throughput. There are many who need playing time and they got it today. So in the whole it is approved – disregarded the first part of the first half.

We have to prepare for the semifinals now and keep the focus for the upcoming match against Sweden.”

Heidi Löke, lineplayer-Norway

” I hade lost against my teammates from Győr, is not very much fun to see them winning against us, but I saw them celebrating ad I get envious.

We did not managed to get that play we are used to, when we had players missing from the squad, but it was good that this match has no meaning, we were already qualified to the semifinals and our focus has to be on that right now.

We made  a solide game, but we were not able to control the game.

Sweden is the next oppoennt in the semifinals, I know every of them theay are fighters so it’s gonna be a big game, but we are also ready to put the fight”






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Euro 2014

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