Euro 2014

Zagreb: Montenegro and Sweden to semifinals

Zagreb: Montenegro and Sweden to semifinals
Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

EURO 2014

Main Round, Group II

Zagreb, Arena Zagreb

Before last round:

1.Sweden 2.Montenegro 3. France 4.Netherland 5. Germany 6.Slovakia

Sweden –  Montenegro  29 – 30 (18 – 13)


Sweden: Bundsen, Idéhn (GK)- Alm 1, Ahlm, Torstenson 5, Gulldén 9, Roberts, Helleberg 2, Sand, Hagman 2, Fogelström 3 , Blohm 4, Agren, Jonasson 2, Odén 1, Jakobsen,

Montenegro: Barjaktarovic, Rajcic (GK) –  Radicevic 9, Petrovic 2, Lazovic, Ramussen, K. Bulatovic 6, Mehmedovic 2, Pavicevic, A.Bulatovic 1, Jovanovic 5, Knezevic 5, Despotovic, Klikovac, Jaukovic, Malovic

Montenegro’s victory means that the title holder is qualified to the semifinals of EURO 2014 from Budapest.Sweden kept their chances also alive, but their destiny depends on teh next game between France and Netherlnad. Netherland must win France by at least 9 goals to reach the semifinals.

Linn Blohm (SWE) – line player

About the match:

“We played a very good first half both in defence and offence. Our efficiency was perfect, but in the second half Montenegro was just a bit better.”

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Helle Thomsen (DEN) –Swedish head coach

About her team’s performance:

“Great first half, but Montenegro played much better in the second half and it resulted in our loss.“

About Lazovic’s apology to (Estevana) Polman:

“I am glad that she apologised to her after what happened yesterday.“

Suzana Lazovic (MNE) – line player

About being sent off in the ninth minute:

“It was very tough to watch this match from the stands, but I feel much better after my team achieved another victory. I am glad that my team showed how good we can be even if I am not playing at the line player position.“

About the key detail of the match:

“The most important was that we showed our energy at the very end of the match.“

About the foul against Estavana Polman (NED) on Tuesday:

“I didn’t have an opportunity to apologise to her publicly, so I will do it now. My intension was not to hurt her, of course. It is just our game style.“

Dragan Adzic (MNE) – head coach

About Sweden:

“The toughest opponent we had to play so far.”

About his team’s defence:

“In the second half we showed that we do not play rough, but the best defence. It is not my fault if we spend more time practicing defence and then have better results in this game element than other teams.”

Germany –  Slovakia  36 – 22(17 – 10)


Slovakia: Lucia Gubikova, Zaneta Tothova (GK) –  Szarkova 3 , Rajnohova 2 , Sukennikova 3, Jakubisova 4 ,  Bizikova , Trehubova 2 , Hornakova, Czanik 1, Dubajova 5, Michenikova 2,

Germany: Schülke,Woltering (GK) –   Geschke 4 , Zapf 3 , Steinbach ,Müller  3,Minevskaja 1 , Schulze  4,  Nadgornaja 1, Lang 6, Loerper 4, Smits 1, Naidzinavicius 2, Huber 6, Wohlbold 1,


Netherland –  France  18 -20 (9 – 7)


Netherland: Tess Wester, Jasmina Jankovic (GK) – Estavana Polman , Laura Van der Heijden ,  Nycke Groot , Martine Smeets , Yvette Broch , Debbie Bont , Danick Snelder , Jurswailly Luciano , Jessy Krammer,

France:  Amandine Leynaud, Armelle Attingré (GK) –  Paule Baudouin , Siraba Dembele , Estelle Nze Minko , Alexandra Lacrabere , Allison  Pineau , Laurisa Landre , Koumba Cisse , Nina Kamto Njitam ,Camille Ayglon, Gnosianne Niombla,

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Euro 2014

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