Euro 2014

EURO specialists Norway in the final again

EURO specialists Norway in the final again
phpto: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

phpto: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

European Championship, Hungary and Croatia

Final Round

Papp László Arena

Second semifinal

Norway –  Sweden 29 – 25 (13 – 11)


Norway: Solberg, Sando (GK) – Kristiansenv3, Alstadv2, Lökev6, Wibe, Herremv3,  Solberg 2, Koren 4, Mörk 5, Jakobsen, Karlsson, Breivang, Oftedal 3, Riegelhuth 1

Sweden: Bundsen, Idéhn (GK) – Gulldén 9, Torstenson 2, Alm 2, Ahlm 1, Johansson 1, Odén 3,Fogelström 1, Hagman 2, Helleberg 1, Sand 2, Roberts 1, Agren, Blohm, Jacobsen,

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

The first of the Scandinavian encounter started with Norwegian lead and a brilliant play by Löke, Mörk or Herrem, and excellent performance of Silje Solberg in the goal.

Norway was in lead 10 – 6, then Sweden managed to close the gap 10 -9, 13- 11 the result at halftime.

Norway had an excellent goalkeeper in the first part of the game, meanwhile Sweden had problems on this front, Heidi Löke was almost unstoppable, for Sweden Gulldén, Fogelström, Roberts and Odén was responsible for the goals.


The second half  started with Swedish goal, than Sweden closed the gap, 13-12,16-15, 17-16.

Norwegians has changed some tactical elements, Nora Mörk and Linn Kristin Riegelhuth Koren was effectiv on the right side of the Norwegians and Norway has distance again,22-17, 23-18.

Norwegians pushed on an extra gear increasing the advantage, 26-20,27-21 in the last part of the game, and Norway won by four goals.

Final result: 29 – 25

Best players of the match: Nora Mörk (NOR)and Isabelle Gulldén (SWE)

Quick reactions after the game

Thorir Hergeirsson (ISL) – coach Norway

On the match:

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

“Sweden showed an excellent fight. We knew before that if we want to be beat them, we have to show the best match so far in this tournament. And especially in goalkeeping, defence and counter-attacks we did.”

On Spain as their final opponent:

“You cannot choose which team you have to face. We have to prepare very well, as after two main rounds defeats Spain clearly improved and came back much more powerful. They are a good and experienced team.”

On his memories on the EHF EURO final 2008 in Skopje, won 34:21 by Norway (and he was the assistant coach of Norway):

“I remember a good atmosphere and that it was really loud in the arena. We had more power than Spain, but this match is long time ago, and on Sunday will be an other match.”

Helle Thomsen (DEN) – coach Sweden

On the match:

“Norway were good, mainly in defence and goalkeeping and they had the right concept, while we had problems in attack today.”

 Ida Oden (SWE) – right back

On the match:

“They were just better today. But I do not think that difference is that big as final result shows.“

On rematch against Montenegro after already having played them in the main round:

“In the first match we played a great first half, but we have to play well all the time to beat them.”

Thomas Sivertsson (SWE) – head coach

On difference in quality between Norway and Sweden:

photo. Uros Hocevar-ehf

photo. Uros Hocevar-ehf

“Four goals is not that much in handball, of course. But Norway played a really good game from the start of the match; they played well in defence.”

“They were also better in attack, they were quicker so we also had problems and could not counter attack them.“

On Sweden’s performance in the second half:

“We showed that we can do it. We came back to a one-goal difference, but could not get the advantage on our side. That’s where Norway was better than us today and why they won.“

On the bronze medal match:

“Of course, we will be very disappointed today, but tomorrow we have to find some new energy to stay focussed on this tournament. We want to win the medal, of course!”

Heidi Loke (NOR) – line player

On her feelings after their win against Sweden:

“I feel so happy. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in the final. We were playing really great from the start and fighting very strong in the defence and this time in both halves not only in the one.”

On the final against Spain:

“This will be a really tough final. We met Spain earlier and we know they are a different team than the other teams here. They have so many good players, who can easily breakthrough and this we will have to stop if we want the gold medal. I am sure all the girls will fight. Spain will not take the gold this year.”


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Euro 2014

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