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Ambros Martín looks forward to the next matches, Gjekstad expects both teams to the Final 4

Ambros Martín looks forward to the next matches, Gjekstad expects both teams to the Final 4
photo: győriaudietokc

photo: győriaudietokc

Ambros Martín, head-coach of Győr:

“We met a great opponent, we knew that they would never give up. At the end of the first half we did not play smart enough, gave away the ball, and allowed  them quick counter attacks.

“But we were able to improve in the second part of the game, become stronger defensively. It’s not time to cry now because my team performed fantastically.

Ole Gustad Gjekstad, head-coach Larvik:

“We are always glad to come to Győr, because we meet a good crowd and an excellent team, as opponent, Of course, if we win also, it’s best.

“I feel that today could have also  happened different. I can understand  the position of Győr with many injured players and absneces due to pregnancy, we had a similar situation last year. I hope that these two teams will finish on the first two places of the group and that we will meet in the FINAL4.”

Nora Mörk, Larvik:

” We have expected a very difficult game and it was not easy at all to be on the court. The match was very close all the time, but I feel that we were the best team in some periods of the match, in the first half we managed to score many goals on fastbreaks, and have a three goals difference before the pause.

Then we had Alma with some good saves, we had Alina with her fantastic shoots from twelve meter, who helped us a lot in the finish of the match, and I know that we also made mistakes today, and this match could also end differently.

I am really glad to finally be able to win against Győr in such an important game, but I also know that their squad became now smaller because of injuries and pregnancies, we had a more consistent team today.

About Larvik’s financial problems

“It’s sad of course, but now we are here on tour together, we tried to forget about all these things, to play for each other and for our club, with our hearts and we managed this. I hope that all problems will be solved soon, so don’t have to think only about handball.”

photo: győriaudietokc

photo: győriaudietokc

Bernadett Bódi, rightwinger-Győr:

” I am sad to loose this game on our homecourt, but I had the feeling all the time that we can win today. It was a difficult and a close game, we had some mistakes, the opponent managed some quick goals, and we did not have enough shoots from distance today.

In addition Susan Müller got injured, so we had to improvise in attack, which was not an easy situation either.

We lost against a good team today, but we have to continue our work and look forward.”

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Champions League

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