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Thüringen won German derby, Győr secured quarterfinal berth by defeating Metz

Thüringen won German derby, Győr secured quarterfinal berth by defeating Metz


Champions League, Main Round, Group I

HC Leipzig –  Thüringer HC  25 – 34  (11 – 14)


HCL-Hubbinger 7. Kudlacz 7 and THC –  Nadgornaja 7. Engel 7, Huber 6

German derby between Leipizg and Thüringen has brought an exciting game, at least in the first half, when the result was kept close, but hosts has never reached to get the lead.

Herbert Müller’s tactic to take the opponents best player out of the game was succesfull, Kudlacz was watched closely during the whole match by Wohlbold, and Leipzig had no other players to make the play, since Saskia Lang could not play due to an injury.

Anne Hubbinger made a good game, bit this was not enough against a THC having a great day.

Jana Krause was the best goalkeeper in this game, Schülke could not reach her level, and the offensive play of Thüringen was full of ideas, was varied, colourful.

Wohlbold, Engel Mietzner, Nadgornaja Huber, Frey or Snelder were all at their best and won the match with a nine goal difference, which could be important at the final ranking of the group.

photo: győriaudi eto kc

photo: győriaudi eto kc

Group II.

Győri Audi ETO KC –  Metz Handball 31 – 27 (14 -11)


Győr-Korsós 6, Löke 7, Müller 6 and Metz –  Gros 11, Kamto-Mendy 3-3

The title holder of the last two years started the game very concentrated, bit the first half was close and balanced due to a well fighting Metz, where Ana Gros had an outstanding peformance in attack-six goals in the first thirty minutes.

Orsolya Herr had a decent performance in Győr’s goal in the first half, Korsós made herself marked by scoring all the penalties, Heidi Löke was again unstoppable on the line, Susan Müller did not scored but she was serving her teammates in a big style.

The second half a storming Győr came out to the court, scoring four times at the start and increasing the difference to 18-12. But Metz has not finished the game yet, they made an amazing comeback, 19-18, after 12 minutes.

Győr’s team kept the lead of course, tried to improve the defense, which was not succesfull all the time, Ana Gros managed to score 11 goals in the match, but her teammates was much less effective. Only Mendy, Kamto and Liscevic was really dangerous on goal.

Kari Aalvik Grimsbö has made her first saves in a CL-match for her new team (this was a penaltie) and Győr defeated Metz at 31-27.

Susan Müller has really showed that she is a backplayer, scoring six goals in the last part of the game, when her team most needed it.

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Champions League

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