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Reactions after the match of defenses, Larvik-Győr

Reactions after the match of defenses, Larvik-Győr
photo: győriaudi eto kc

photo: győriaudi eto kc

After the match between Larvik HK and Győri Audi ETO KC in Larvik Arena:

Kari Aalvik Grimsbö (Győr):

” It was an incredibly difficult game, which we were pepared for, but unfortunatelly today we had some periods when our concentration was lower, than we didn’t managed to finalise sharp enough our chances in attack.

I mean that our defense had worked very efficient in almost all the match, we received only 21 goals, which is we struggled in attack.

I knew that Larvik is a very strong team with a good working defense, but it was a very good feeling to play here in Larvik today.

We keep continiung the hard work we started, more practice, more focus and going to reach out goals.”

Heidi Löke (Győr):

” We managed to settle a strong defense, but our mistakes in the attacking phase costs us a lot.

Norwegian goalkeeper, Toft, showed a very good performance today, was not easy to put the ball behind her.  Is never  agood feeling to be defended, but other matches are coming and we have to look forward and continue to work.”

photo: győriaudietokc

photo: győriaudietokc

Ambros Martín (Győr):

” Nothing special happened, we lost a game where our prestation was not satisfactory, we were not able to keep the focus high in every situation.

Our offensive play was weak today, specially in the first ten minutes of the second half, when we were not attacking the goal directly, everybody seemed to be puzzled in front of the strong Larvik defense. If you don’t manage to score for ten minutes in a CL-match, so you cannot expect to win it.

I was angry during the match, but not on referees, but because of our prestation, we didn’t followed the tactics and this always costs.

I wanted badly to get the victory in this match, not because of the first position in group, but it would have been a cure to our souls and minds.

The competition is still on, so we are also looking forward, preparing step by step for the next battles.”

Ole Gustav Gjekstad (Larvik):

“We were totally raw in defense and had a goalkeeper who delivers at a very high level, not least in the crisis moments. I’ve been at the club for 12 years and experienced a lot, but I think this was our best defensive performance in my time as head-coach here.”

photo: győri audi eto kc

photo: győri audi eto kc

Nora Mörk (Larvik HK):

” It was a difficult game, as expected, with strong defenses on both sides. We had some  problems also in attack, since Kari was so good in the goal.

“Despite this we managed to control the match, especially in defense, at the beginning of the second half and this victory means that we are on the first place of the group.”

Gro Hammerseng-Edin (Larvik HK):

“I am very proud of the team, we stay together all the match and helped each other, the defense was the key of the match.”

Sandra Toft (Larvik HK)

” It was fun to be in the goal today, but without our fatastic defense I could not deliver this strong performance ”

Marit Malm Frafjord (Larvik HK):

” It worked best in defense today, I think. The attack was not so worst either, but I had more chances than I managed to score, because Kari knows me very well, so she managed to save some balls.”

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