Champions League

Győr defeated Vardar clearly in the opening round of CL

photo: Flip Viranovski
Győr defeated Vardar clearly in the opening round of CL
photo: Philip Viranovski

photo: Philip Viranovski

Champions League

Group C

HC Vardar –  Győri Audi ETO KC 22 – 27(10 – 13)

HC Vardar:

Suslina, Leynaud,  – Penezic 4, Damnjanovic 3, Lekic, 3 Khmyrova 1, Athaus 1,  Covic 1, Dembele 1, Sokac, 5 Radicevic 1, Chernoivanenko, Lazovic 2, Ikhneva, Ristovska, Klikovac

Győr :

Kiss, Grimsbö – Görbicz, Kovacsics 6, Amorim 1, Sulland 4, Planéta 1, Korsós, Bódi 2, Knedlikova 1, Hársfalvi, Tomori 4, Groot 3, Broch, Löke 5

The match starts with guests leading, than slowly Vardar gets into the game as well. Kovacsics netting several times and organizes the game, Heidi Löke making smart moves, Grimsbö showing important saves.

photo: Filip Viranovski

photo: Filip Viranovski

On the other side Leynaud stops several of the  Győr’s attacks, but hosts seemed to not find the rhythm of the match.

Timeout is meant to improve Vardar’s  play, but  Győr is increasing the lead instead, from 6-8 to 6-9.

During the first half guest leads at 2-3 goals difference, Tomori, Groot, Löke netted for Győr, meanwhile Vardar was kept in game  by Sokac’s seven meters and Leynaud’s saves.

Halftime result: 1ö-13.

Second half Győr has continued the  same way, 11-16 after 5 minutes. Guests never let Vardar to come closer, controlled the game, showed a very strong and good working defence, winning the game clearly.

Kovacsics, Groot, Löke, Tomori and Sulland made a good game in attack, at Vardar only Penezic could be remarked.

Final result: 22-27

After the game

Ambros Martín:

” I am satisfied with the picture of the game, we came here to win this game, as the opponent as well. I have to thank fior my team for the enormous work they made since the start of the season and the play they showed today.

We started with a hard, effective defence, and made the opponent to lost their confidence and our goalkeepers also was working together with the defence.

Kari got injured unfortunately, but is nothing serious, she will be ready to play in ten days.”

photo: Philip Viranovski

photo: Philip Viranovski

Zsuzsanna Tomori:

“It was a very difficult game, we had to keep the focus during all the game, but we managed to do this and every player got playing time added something which resulted in the victory at the end.

We knew that we will meet one of the best teams in this competition, out goal was to get the two points, and with the defence we presented in this match it was impossible to loos.

We had a clear lead all the match, never really lost the control of the game and didn’t let Vardar to play there game.

We are a team still in developing phase, but every day it gets better. I personally feel good, still making some mistakes but with more work hope to getting even better.”

Anita Görbicz:

” It is a really good match to return to the CL, with a clear victory against a strong opponent, always feels even better.

The team is still forming, we had a lot of newcomers, was hard work to put all the puzzles together, but how Ambros built up the whole preparation it was successfull and we are not in our best form yet, this will only improve by time.

I am looking forward to be able to play, working hard for that and  I hope that I can help my team soon.

Next match against FC Midtjylland- is a must to win, even if we know that team is quiet fast and never gives up.”

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Champions League

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