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Second round: away victories for Larvik, Buducnost, Vardar, FCM , THC and Bucuresti

Second round: away victories for Larvik, Buducnost, Vardar, FCM , THC and Bucuresti
photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Group A

HCM Baia Mare –  Larvik HK 29 – 31 (14 – 19)

Topscorers: Allison Pineau (Baia Mare) 8 goals and Nora Mörk – Thea Mörk(Larvik HK) 9 goals each

After a weaker quarer when hosts was in lead, Norwegian champion controlled the match until the last seconds and with an outstanding performance of the Mörk twins, scoring nine goals each of them, managed to collect two very important points against one of their rivals, Baia Mare. Romanian team-only Allison Pineau reached her potential, and they never had a chance against Larvik.

Rostov Don – Krim Mercator 35 – 25  (16 – 12)

Topscorers: Yulia Managarova 9, Ekaterina Ilina 8 (Rostov) and Mirjeta Bajramoska 6, Alja Koren, Marija Obradovic-Nina Zulic 3 goals each (Krim)

Close first half and fantastic goals from a very enthusiastic young Slovenian  team, against the Russain powerhouse from Rostov. The better team got the victory in this match, but Krim showed that noone can relax when they are the opponent in a game, even if they are called favourites.

Group B

Fleury Loiret Handball –  FTC Rail Cargo Hungaria 28 – 28 (11 – 14)

Topscorers: Alexandrina Cabral Barbosa (Fleury) 11 goals and Nerea Pena (FTC) 5 goals, Piroska Szamoránsky, Viktória Lukács 4 goals each

Hungarian champions from FTC gave a fifteen minutes advantage to the French Fleury, in this period of the match, after the start they had mistake over mistake, lost balls, uninspired shoots and failed a lot in clear situations. Pena, Kovacsicz, Szamoránsky or Schatzl, all seemed to have problems to find the goal and Spanish goalkeeper of Fleury has reached 70 % of saves after one quarter of playing time. Fleury players thanked for the possibility and scored one goal after the other after fastbreaks, Barbosa, Houette, Kamdop or Niombla has assured an 8-1 lead for their team. After a wakeup call the Hungarian side started to play handball and they managed to comeback in the game, 11-14 at half time, mainly because goalkeeper Szikora had an outstanding performance.

In the second half the game was more balanced, this half was won by the guest at the end at 14-17. Dramatic and excitement at the end when Fleury was in lead, took for granted the victory, but Barbosa received a 2 minutes suspension after a fault against Pena, and FTC sent seven players against five French defenders into the court, managing the last attack very well, scoring the goal for the draw by Anita Cifra from the line. French side meant that the goal was not scored in the matchtime, but referees validated the goal, FTC saved one point after beeing leaded during the whole game.

Podravka Vegeta –  Thüringer HC 21  – 27 (13 – 11)

Topscorers: Ivana Dezic-Selena Milosevic (Podravka) 5 goals each and Eliza Buceschi-Svenja Huber (THC) 7 goals each

Podravka was about to produce a big surprsie, they were leading against Herbert Müller’s team until 35.minute, 16-15, then THC equalized and took the lead. They managed to defeat Podravka at the end, but was a difficult game.

photo: Tamás Csonka

photo: Tamás Csonka

Group C

FC Midtjylland –  Győri Audi ETO KC 21 –  26 (11 – 11)

Topscorers: Louise Burgaard (FCM) 8 goals and Anita Görbicz (Győr) 5 goals

Maybe the biggest surprise of this round, where Danish FC Midtjylland managed to take the two points from Győr, against a surprisingly unconcentrated host team.

Győr was in lead in the first half, 9-4, than Ambros Martín started his changes, every player got playing time and FCM managed to get the draw before the break, 11-11.

Nycke Groot had a good performance both in defense and attack, Éva Kiss saved many balls, but Sabine Englert had also a great performance in the Danish goal. Louise Burgaard and Veronica Kristiansen scored for FCM .

In the second half, Győr came out to the court unfocused, their play was not working at all, both in defense and offense they had problems, and FCM took the lead, increased it. Danes made a strong defense, controlled the game and won by five goals in an outsold Audi Aréna in Győr.

Görbicz is back on the court, she became the topscorer of hosts, meanwhile Burgaard netted eight times for guests.

Hypo NÖ –  HC Vardar 25 – 38 (9 – 22)

Topscorers:Alzbeta Tóthova (Hypo) 6 goals and Andrea Lekic, Maja Sokac, Sara Ristovska, Sanja Damnjanovic (Vardar) 4 goals each

Here were not any questions about the winner of this game at the end of it, firts half showed that this theory is true. Vardar with their top-players ran over a more modest Hypo, 9-22. The second half has brought a totatlly different picture of the game, when hosts managed to stay close, 16-16 the result of the second part.


photo: EHF

photo: EHF

Group D

MKS Selgros Lublin –  Buducnost   23 – 31 (13 – 17)

Topscorers: Iwona Niedzwiedz (Lublin ) 8 goals and Cristina Neagu (CSM Bucresti) 9 goals

Last years title-holder was clear favourites in this game, but Lublin led by their new playmaker, Niedzwiedz was in the game quiet a long period, leading against Buducnost and making some troubles for the Montenegrin defense. Evene if nobody had the tiniest doubt about the final winner, Lublin on their homecourt will be a worthy opponent for every team in this competition.

IK Savehof –  CSM Bucuresti 17 – 28 (9 – 13)

Topscorers: Julia Eriksson (IK Savehof) 4 goals and Isabélle Gulldén – Line Jörgensen (CSM) 6 goals each

Young Savehof against star-team from Bucuresti –  sounds goos, but the reality was that Romanian team were struggeling against Swedes, in the first half at least. They needed a very good Pessoa in the goal, to not get in trouble at the end, and in the second half they managed to increase the lead and win clearly.

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