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Ambros Martin: “I would call this a four point victory…”

Ambros Martin: “I would call this a four point victory…”
photo: győriaudietokc

photo: győriaudietokc

Champions League , Győr

Group C

Győri Audi ETO KC –  HC Vardar 28 –  27 (14 –  17)

Reactions from coaches and players, after the game:

Anita Görbicz (Győr), playmaker, scored 8 goals:

” It felt really good to be on the court in this game, I am very happy and satisfied that we made a good game and managed to keep the points home.

We are over very hard weeks of training, and we are coming after two defeats. But the team managed to get over the weaker period together, showing a strong team spirit, fight, helping each other, understanding what is really important for our play should work.

The decisive moment that lead us to victory was the defense, Éva Kiss in the goal was fantastic and we fought like a team.

Personally I am happy that my sport shape is becoming better and better, mostly satisfies me the fact that I can help the team the way I did today, we have fantastic players, but we need to make each other good, this could be our strenghth in the future. I would like to say thanks for Ambros Martín, for trusting me and being patient, giving me possibility to play, to be able to regain my skills so quickly.”



photo: Tamás Csonka

photo: Tamás Csonka

Bernadett Bódi( Győr), right wing, scored 3 goals:

” I feel like I am still in ecstasy, I had felt this state of trance during all game, quiet unusual to see all my team playing with such a great motivation and focus, and after the final whistle everybody had some tears in their eyes, the tears of joy and happiness.

We’ve played a good game and we had support from a fantastic crowd, which we can only thank again. I never felt during this match, even if the pressure was quiet huge, that we could loose this game.

This is my third year in Győr, and I can say that never before we worked as hard at workouts as in the last weeks.

We had two weaker games lately, we lost them and we wanted to prove ourselves especially that hard work will pay out at the end. After this game I know that it certainly does, we showed in the second half today all the elements we practiced in the last weeks and the defense was the key of this victory.”

Anikó Kovacsics (Győr), left wing in this game, scored 3 goals:

” The match was a difficult as expected, against a strong opponent, we had to work a lot to be able to get the victory.

It was quiet uneven regarding the quality of the game, but in the second half we managed to pull togehther our defense, we had a great performance in the goal and we worked like a team. We helped each other during the match and gave confidence to the others.”


photo: győriaudietokc

photo: győriaudietokc

Ambros Martín (Győr), head-coach:

“It was a difficult a game, we won this game mostly with the fighting. My team is at their fifty percent handball potential right now, but my team was very motivated to win this game, after the last defeats.

We talked about those matches, it was our fault the reason of the defeats and I have seen something special on my player this week at workouts and practices. We realised that we have more steps to make, more work to do, and until our best handball will come we keep fighting to win games. And today we fought. This was a high quality opponent, Vardar is a really good team, nobody has to forget it.

This victory means like four points, Why? Because we gained those points and not Vardar, we will take those points to the Main Round. This victory was important beacuse of the way we got it, the dynamic of the match, turning the result and last minute when we showed strenght and took the victory.”


photo: Tamás Csonka

photo: Tamás Csonka

Heidi Löke (Győr). lineplayer, scored five goals, including the decisive one:

” We had an extremelly difficult game, from the beginning to the end and we needed all our fightig spirit, motivation and determination to get the victory. On the other hand I am really satisfied with the team spirit we showed today, this was totally a team victory.

The fact that Görbicz is back gave an extra to our play, but the defense from the second half was the key of this succes, and we had a fantastic Éva Kiss in the goal.

We are back on right track, after a weaker period, and I mean that the way we worked on practice in the last week pays out in this match. You play as you train after all.”


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Champions League

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