Russia – winner of Møbelringen Cup

Russia – winner of Møbelringen Cup
photo: Svein Andre Svendsen

photo: Svein Andre Svendsen

In the third day of the tournament Russia slightly defeated Netherland and Norway managed to get an extra goal against Sweden, defeating their neighbours, but Russia won the Møbelringen Cup due to a better goaldifference.

Møbelringen Cup, Norway, Lillehammer

Håkons Hall

Netherland –  Russia 26 – 27 (16 – 16)


Netherland: Abbingh 9, Luciano 4, Van Olphen 3, Smeets 3, Van Der Heijden 2, Broch 2, Bont 1, Knippenborg 1, Schop 1

Rusia: Vyakhireva 10, Ilina 6, Khmyrova 3, Kuznetcova 2, Bobrovnikova 2, Bliznova 2, Marennikova 1, Vedhekina 1

Norway –  Sweden 25 – 27 (15 – 16)


Norway: Løke 6, Oftedal 6, Mørk 4, Skogrand 2, Kurtovic 2, Sulland 2, Herrem 2, Solberg 1, Tomac 1, Wibe 1, Kristiansen 1

Sweden: Johansson 6, Gullden 5, Alm 5, Hagman 3, Blohm 2, Hawia 2, Jakobsen 1, Ahlm 1, Wall 1, Sand 1

Best players of the match: Stine Bredal Oftedal and Annamaria Johansson

All Star team of the tournament:

Goalkeeper: Anna Sedoykina(RUS)

Leftwing: Louise Sand(SWE)

Leftback: Stine Bredal Oftedal (NOR)

Playmaker: Ekaterina Ilina (RUS)

Rightback: Nora Mørk (NOR)

Rightwing: Anna Vyakhireva (RUS)

Lineplayer: Heidi Løke (NOR)


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