World Championship 2015 Denmark

Helle Thomsen-expert opinion at World Championship

Helle Thomsen-expert opinion at World Championship


Headcoach of FC Midtjylland, Helle Thomsen has given some opinions about the ongoing World Championship in Denmark, regarding to participants, to host, chances or possible surprises. She is earlier headcoch of Sweden, team which won bronze medals in last years European Championship.

About Denmark’s squad

“Klavs Bruun Jörgensen had chosen the squad is the best at this moment in Denmark, so there were no surprises there. Of course there are injured players, and different opinions always could be, but basically this is a good team which can go far away in this World Championship.

About Hungary, one of Denmark’s opponents in Group A

“Hungary arrived to Denmark with a quiet good team, balanced, wide in every ways, and the fact that Görbicz and Zácsik returned to the national team it gives them much more opportunities to change players and to try new tactical variations.

It’s a team which can hold out  during the whole tournament and reaching high.

About Montenegro

” In my opinion they have a small squad and therefore  limited possibilities to change and rest players. With their first line they are one of the best teams here and can qualify even to semifinals, but because of the facts mentioned above I don’t really think that they are candidates for medals.

About Japan

” This is a team which is not very well known by me, but after the squad they can present could not be a real danger or surprise for the top teams.

442b18f1-4ea7-4cfe-854c-f957581b946cAbout possible semifinalists

“I see semifinal chances for six of the teams participants at the World Championship:

Denmark: they have a strong squad, with experienced, good players,  and they are playing sharp matches during this season at the clubs. in addition they are on home court.

Norway: are semifinal candidates in every World Championship, with an experienced team and a good concept at the national team which works our almost every time.

Russia: they have one of the strongest teams in the, last years, with young players, strong defenders, and they can change whenever they want during a match, without reducing the quality of the playing team.

Beside this they have very good backplayers, more options in tactics and they can be quiet fast.

Hungary: a squad formed of players which plays in some of the best European clubs, offensive  players, which can score a lot of goals. Wide range of backplayers and a good goalkeeper, which has a big role in Győr this season, gaining a lot of selfconfidence throughout this season.

Netherland: they are practicing a very quick handball, which results many goals, they are high level technically and if the opponents has a day when cannot return fast enough after attack, so can’t they defeat the Dutch team.

Sweden: is a team which showed last year at the ECh that is able to defeat every team, with a strong, compact defense, efficient backcourt and technically high qualified wingplayers.

About World Championships impact over the handball in Denmark

“It is an important tournament, everybody speaks about World Championship in Denmark, everybody was really looking forward to organize this tournament. Knowing that hosts has such a good team, with chances to reach high we can say that is a real handball fever in the entire country.

Hope it will  influence in a positive way the interest for handball  in Denmark, more sponsors will decide to support this fantastic sport and even more players will decide to choose Denmark as their next place to play.



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World Championship 2015 Denmark

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