World Championship 2015 Denmark

Kolding: Brasil smashed Congo in an easy game

Kolding: Brasil smashed Congo in an easy game

Kolding, Sydbank Arena

Group C

Congo Democratic –  Brasil 11 – 26 (4 – 14)

Topscorers: Christianne Mwasesa(COD) 4 goals and  Jessica Quintino-Celia Coppi (BRA) 5 goals each

Brazilian team was very motivated and glad for every goal scored, Morten Soubak gave playing time for every of his players, mostly the right wing of Brasil was very efficient, Celia Coppi  in the first half, Alexandra Do Nascimento and Jessica Quintino de Silva in the second half. Half time result was 4-14.

Congo is formed of enthusiastic players, but they seemed to not have so much ideas in front of Brasilian second line defense either, so the match was easily won by South American team, could be also considered as a practice.

Final result: 11-26

Eduarda Amorim (leftback), Brasil:

” It was a match we had to win, we had our play to practice, today was the wings match. We has alo practiced our defense, we are satisified. We maybe needed a little bit more focus in some periods of the game, but we continue to work and hope to be there at the final weekend in Herning.”

Mayssa Pessoa, goalkeeper, Brasil:

“We made a good match, with periods of lack of concentration, but this is normal in a such game. I am proud of the team, because the tasks we got from Morten Soubak we managed to fullfill and every player got playing time.

On the other hand, Congo has good players, which are trained in the French championship, they are explosive having good backcourt shoots.”

Morten Soubak, headcoach, Brasil

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Morten Soubak, headcoach, Brazil: 

” I am satisfied with the course of the game, the most important are the two points now. I am also glad that we do maintained to hold up the same speed during all the game and that all our player had the chance to try themselfs on the court.”

Kanoha Mvuzi Guy Alain, headcoach, Congo:

“We lost against Argentina in the first round, and that was our main goal here in the group to win that game, so my team was down mentally. It was a difficult job to find the motivation again before this match, against the World Champions,.

Brasil is a good team, had good players and was not easy to play in this match, but my team showed their best and I feel that we could leave the court today with our heads up again.”

Christiane Mwasesa, leftback, Congo:

“We knew that we will not beat Brasil today, so we came here today to do our best and show a good image of their country.

We are here to learn, is our second World Championship, and I feel that we managed to do our best.”


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World Championship 2015 Denmark

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