World Championship 2015 Denmark

Tomori: “We played as a team, we regained confidence”

Tomori: “We played as a team, we regained confidence”

After the game between Hungary and Denmark, The players has talked about the match:

Zsuzsanna Tomori (HUN), leftback:

“I am really happy, the goal was today to correct yesterdays fiasco, and to make a game as we did in the start of the tournament.

Zizi (Zita Szucsánszki) had played amazing today, she was our leader and I believe that in every match we need such a leader, which can pull the whole team to victory.

I am very proud of the team, last years defeat against Denmark on Europeans was also a bad memory, so now we can get rid of that.

The match was a clear one, we controlled the game and we won at a big difference.All this we managed to do in front of a fully crowded hall with 14 thousands of Danish fans. We showed again that we are strong mentally.

The defense was good working today, we helped each other, worked like a team.If we could keep this going in the same way, than I will be satisfied.

It was not easy to raise up after defeat against Montenegro, we actually used more hours with team to talk about the mistakes, problems, what was not working, what we have to do different.We just tried to put that behind us, we lost one match, it happens, we learned of our mistakes, we showed that today. We have still chances to win the group, and anyway the most important game will be the eightfinal, there is no possibility to make mistake. If you fail you are out.

We have a Danish coach in our staff, it was useful his presence here, since he was able to help us with important informations about Danish players, their play and style.”

Anita Gørbicz

photo: Björn Kenneth Muggerud

Blanka Bíró (HUN), goalkeeper:

” I am very glad that we managed to win in such a manner, by controlling the game fully and work like a team.

We talked about yesterdays defeat, we were ashamed that we played so badly, and we were determined to do it differently today.

The team worked together very well, both defense and attack worked properly and now we have to use this match az an example to remember us what we can achieve as a team.

I got help from Christian Dalmose, regarding the analyses of the Danish players, before the match and in the break at half time he told me what to expect, and he was right.”

Anita Görbicz (HUN) playmaker:

“We managed to out behind us the bad day we had yesterday, the hanbdall we produced against Montenegro was not our game, we had no faith in that game and we did not fullfiled what we talked about.

We said that we don’t have to think about the defeat, just learn of it and follow all we agreed on before the game. Today every player did so, this was the key of the victory.

We know that we are good players, are in good shape, but this must be showed on the court. We cannot play individually, only as a team, help each other both in defense and attack, make good returns. Every player followed the tactic and here is the resukt.”


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World Championship 2015 Denmark

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