Netherland imposes restrictions on sports gambling

Netherland imposes restrictions on sports gambling

The VVD and PvdA are trying to find new ways to fight match fixing, and are now suggesting restrictions and strict rules to enforce clean and fair sports results.
The Dutch football association KNVB approves of the new rules and says it’s a “profit for the sport”, according to a article recently published on the Norwegian news portal

Last year the government sent in a proposal which regulate sports gambling online by law. The majority of the Kamer approves of the suggested changes, but wanted to add several requirements like NOS reports. Netherland is a strictly regulated country where you can only gamble through Lotto, and only on games being played at the time of the bet.

The suggestion from the coalition parties VVD and PvdA is heavily based on banning bets which can be influenced by a single player, like a red card in football or the first throw-in in handball. The VVD parliamentarian Jeroen van Wijngaarden explains it this way: “These kinds of bets are too easy to manipulate by a single player, so we want to prohibit this type of bets.”

They also want to impose a ban making it impossible to bet on amateur matches and pre-season friendly matches abroad. The KNVB says that players in these types of matches is easier to bribe to fix a match, since it’s their hobby and not their job.

The Dutch football association is thrilled with the new suggestions. KNVBs operational director Gijs de Jong says that “Limiting the possible betting options is a profit for the sport. It is important that it is the players on the field, not criminal masterminds, that determine the outcome of the match. These proposals will help enforce this. We support all of these restrictions, and we are happy that the coalition parties suggested this.”

The new gambling law will most likely be discussed in the Tweede Kamer sometime next year.

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