Sports betting restrictions lifted in Italy

Sports betting restrictions lifted in Italy

The italian gaming regulator AAMS has decided to give the betting operators more freedom and independence from now on.

AAMS recently announced that they would give the licensed operators more independence in terms of both wagers and settling the wagers from March 2016, according to an article on the popular Norwegian casino portal

AAMS have been very restrictive about what kind of wagers the licensed operators would be allowed to offer. Up until today, all results of wagers had to be verified by AAMS before operators was allowed to pay out the winning bets. In 2013 this changed slightly, and operators was allowed to offer some more wagers, as long as AAMS still verified the results afterwards.

Slow payouts favorized foreign operators

The operators were unhappy with the processing time from AAMS and complained that the process of verifying the results was slower than necessary. They were unable to pay out winning bets immediately, and many Italian players preferred to play with unlicensed operators to get their money quicker.

More exotic wagers available now

AAMS has also approved that operators could offer more exotic wagers, in compliance with some restrictions. Operators can not offer wagers on the private lives of people and court proceedings, amongst other.
The Italian government plans to sell 120 more licenses starting from July 31st this year, each one with a price tag of €200 000. In addition, they are also selling betting shop licenses for €32 000 a piece, plus betting corner licenses for €18 000 each. This will surely give a big boost to the Italian tax budget, and will also make it easier for all Italians to wager on their favorite sports.

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