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Győr returns to Budapest after last year’s absence

Győr returns to Budapest after last year’s absence

The second team in our presentation it is Győri Audi ETO KC, which team was the big absent last year from the Final Four, after having a troubled season with injuries, pregnancies, and unlucky constellations.

Since last season Katrine Lunde, Anna Sen , Jelena Grubisic, Susan Müller and other important players left the club and new, eager players has arrived and Ambros Martín, the Spanish coach of the team had to start building a team again.

Hungarian Zsuzsanna Tomori, Gabriella Tóth and Éva Kiss arrived at the same time with Dutch Nycke Groot and Yvette Broch. The Norwegian contingent has become wider, with the arrival of Linn Jörum Sulland on rightback position and later during the season, after Tomori’s injury, Ida Alstad had been also signed for the rest of this season.

photo: Tamás Csonka

photo: Tamás Csonka

Injuries came again quite often, after Tóth, Tomori and Görbicz (returned from maternity), both of wing players, Bódi and Korsós have suffered injuries, and Planéta on the right back has also been injured, all of them with serious knee injuries, which required surgeries and long recovery periods.

Eduarda Amorim has recovered from her injury and she is still the pillar of Győr’s defense, together with Yvette Broch, making difficult to every offensive system to get through…

It was not an easy task, losing so many players, and anyway, make a good team,set a tactic and give them confidence. Ambros Martin managed to realize this, even if they had their ups and downs, with big victories and defeats, like in the groups against Vardar and FCM. But all these results made the team stronger, more confident and linked them together.

In the Main Round the team started with boosted confidence of the Norwegian world champions (Grimsbö, Löke, Sulland, Alstad) and silver medalists from the Dutch team (Groot and Broch), which helped the team to have a fantastic flow, beating Buducnost in Győr, winning twice against CSM Bucuresti and Savehof, losing only in Moraca and geting the second place in the group.

photo: Tamás Csonka

photo: Tamás Csonka

In the quarter finals Győr met the another Hungarian team, FTC, which finished on the third place in their group and hat to face the domestic rival.

This team took from Győr last year the Hungarian national title, and because of that Győr had to play qualifications at the begnnining of the competition. The sweet revenge was a possibility and Győr eliminated FTC with an aggregate score of 3o goals in the CL quarterfinals.

Last weekend Győr won the Hungarian Cup, in the final four of that competition they defeated FTC again than won ÉRD in the final. This competiiton was a good possibility to practice before the two matches in two days, the final four set up being similar to the Champions League.

In the semifinal Győr will face Buducnost, their biggest rival in this competition for years, two coaches like Adzic and Martin will stay on the opposite side of the court trying to find some new masterminded tactical movements to be able to produce a surprise to their opponents.

Exciting encounter, a must for all handball fanatics!

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Champions League

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