Löwen fall, Bundesliga title-race wide open

Löwen fall, Bundesliga title-race wide open

Fabien Wiede, pictured, and his Füchse Berlin made the title-race in the DKB Handball-Bundesliga even more exciting than it already is when the capital-based side beat league-leaders Rhein-Neckar Löwen 24-20 (11-7) on Sunday. The guests now sit two points clear of Kiel, which has a game in hand. “WE have to move closer to each other now and we will do that,” said Swiss playmaker Andy Schmid after the game.

Ironically enough a red card against defensive stalwart Jakov Gojun helped the outsider in front of a crazy sell-out crowd of 8.483 fans in the Max-Schmelling-Halle to push itself enough emotionally and keeper Silvio Heinevetter had one of the better days in recent memory, allowing just seven goals before the break. His lob pass from mid-court to Jesper Nielsen made the crowd go totally nuts.

Meanwhile Andreas Wolff, playing against his future team, was absolutely chanceless in Kiel when the HSG Wetzlar lost by an unexpected high margin, 21-30 (7.16). The German handballer of the year show some good saves, but was replaced by backup Nikolai Weber at halftime. Flensburg is in the race for first place again thanks to the loss of the lions, winning sort of easily against Göppingen.


THW Kiel – HSG Wetzlar 30-21 (16-7)

THW Kiel: Duvnjak (6), Ekberg (5/3), Jaanimaa (4), Brozovic (3), Dissinger (3), Wiencek (3), Klein (2), Vujin (2), Anic (1), Canellas (1)

HSG Wetzlar: Kohlbacher (4), Mirkulovski (4), Hahn (3), Klesniks (3), Holst (2/1), Joli (2), Lipovina (1), Rompf (1); Schreiber (1)

Specatators: 10.285 (sold out)

Füchse Berlin – Rhein-Neckar Löwen 24-20 (11-7)

Füchse Berlin: Nenadic (6), Wiede (6/4), Nielsen (3), Vukovic (3), Elisson (2), Gojun (1), Tönnesen (1), Vrazalic (1), Zachrisson (1)

Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Gensheimer (6/3), Petersson (5), Larsen (2), Pekeler (2), Schmid (2), Baena (1), Ekdahl Du Rietz (1), Groetzki (1)

Specatators: 8.483 (sold out)

TVB 1898 Stuttgart – HBW Balingen-Weilstetten 22:22 (10:7)

TVB 1898 Stuttgart: Spatz (9/5), Schweikardt (5), M’Bengue (2), Schimmelbauer (2), Baumgarten (1), Kretschmer (1), Schöbinger (1), Weiß (1)

HBW Balingen-Weilstetten: Böhm (6), Strobel (5), Theuerkauf (3), Krieg (2), Kunkel (2/1), Nyokas (2), Wilke (2/1)

Specatators: 6.211

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