Rodrigues – Odense, Bucuresti or Rostov?

Rodrigues – Odense, Bucuresti or Rostov?
Eszti Kiss

According to Danish sources, Ana Paula Rodrigues changed her mind about her transfer to Danish club Odense. The Brazilian world champion signed a contract with Odense in December. According to the news, one important reason besides her departure from the new Champions League winner CSM Bucuresti was the financial trouble in the Romanian No. 1 team but these problems seem to have been solved as the Romanian club has announced several signings since winning the EHF Champions League.

The Brazilian playmaker seems to have changed her mind about her future, she would like to stay in Bucharest, but she is also rumoured to be bought by Russian powerhouse Rostov-Don. Not surprisingly, Odense’s sports director, Mark Jespersen was angry about the doubts around Rodrigues, as he talked to Danish TV2 Sport:

“We have a contract signed with Ana Paula Rodrigues, that is it, she has to come to Odense. However, we were contacted by both Rostov-Don and her current club CSM Bucuresti to renegotiate her contract.”

So, while Ana Paula Rodrigues is in Brazil preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, there might be some interesting talks about her future inside the Rostov-Bucharest-Odense triangle. Although she has a contract signed with Odense, she might end up in Rostov or stay in Bucharest, as Jespersen says “everything is for sale for the right price”…

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