Ulsteinvik: Norway opened with victory

Ulsteinvik: Norway opened with victory

On the finish line before the Olympic Games in Rio there is a preparation tournament arranged in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Participants: Romania, Spain, France, Norway

All four teams are plaing their last matches before Olymic Games and makes the last adjustments on their play.


France –  Spain 17 – 21 (9 – 8)

Norway –  Romania 32 – 21 (12 – 9)


Norway: Lunde, Grimsbø, Solberg- Løke 4, Mørk 9(2), Herrem 5, Kurtovic 1, Kristiansen 5(1), Hegh-Arntzen 4, Oftedal 1, Frafjord, Solberg 1, Riegelhuth-Koren, Alstad 2, Molid,

Romania: Ungureanu, Munteanu – Perianu 5(2), Manea 1, Vizitiu 3, Chiper 3, Geiger 3, Elisei 2, Zamfirescu, Buceschi 1, Tanasie 2, Szűcs, Neagu, Bradeanu, Chintoan

Best players of the game:  Nora Mørk (NOR) and Melinda Geiger (ROU)

Guests without Neagu and Bradeanu on the court, started the game with advantage, having a better flow than Norway, but after fifteen silent minutes hosts lead by Mørk and Kristiansen has found their play and won the first half 12-9.

In the second part of the match Norway made a handball-show, every player had the chance to play, meanwhile Romania seemed to stop, Ryde used all the players, even those who won’t go to Rio.

Final result: 32 – 21

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