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Olympic sensation when Angola beats Romania

Luisa Kiala in action (archiv) - photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Olympic sensation when Angola beats Romania

Romania has qualified to the OG after they won a bronze medal at WCh 2015, meanwhile Angola has qualified as African champions. The handball world was aware of the fact that Angola can surprise any team on a bright day, but Romania was considered clear favourite before this encounter.

Group A

Future Arena, Rio De Janeiro

Romania  – Angola 19 – 23 (9 – 11)


Romania: Geiger 1,Buceschi 1, Neagu 8(4), Bradeanu 1, Ardean Elisei 1, Manea 1, Chintoan 2, Chiper 4

Angola: Machado 2, Monteiro 1, Bernardo 3, Kassoma 2, Kiala 2, Carlos Azenaide 2, Dombaxi 2, Cazanga 3, Santos 1, Guialo 5(4)

The match started with a 10 minutes goal-silence for Romania, when Angolan goalkeeper Almeida kept her goal totally untouched, Africans scored three times and were in lead, 0-3. Cristina Neagu was on the court for Romania, making as many mistakes as the whole Romanian team, however she scored the first Romanian goal after 10 minutes from seven meter.

The only decent performance by Romanian side could be connected to Ungureanu in the goal and Laura Chiper scored on her chances from rightwing. Angola was lead by Natalia Bernardo and Louisa Kiala and the above mentioned Almeida in the goal, they were fast, creative, showed a fantastic fluent handball in  the attack, and not least presented a compact defense.

Half time: 9 – 11

Paula Ungureanu, Romania | Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Paula Ungureanu, Romania | Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

In the second half the believers could think that Angola had their shining-period at this OG and is time for Romania to take the control of the game, but neither of these become reality. Romania continued to struggle and Angola showed having more potential than imagined. They continued to surprise, to shine and put Romania to the ground definitely during the second half of the game.

If was not for Ungureanu in the Romanian goal, Angola could manage to get an even bigger difference, showing that are dangerous from both wings, lineplayer position or on backplayer positions too.

Quite unbelievable, but Angola defeated Romania, leading from the start to the final whistle against a confused Romanian team, which seemed to underrate their opponent in this first group-round match.

Final result: 19 – 23




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Olympic Games

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