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Another Dutch draw against Sweden

Another Dutch draw against Sweden

The Netherlands arrived to the game after an exciting match against South Korea: in the dramatic finish, the Dutch girls missed an overtime penalty so the match ended 32-32. Sweden lost the third round match against Russia after leading by six goals in the second half, so both teams wanted to improve the result in the fourth round.

Sweden started better but after a few minutes, the Netherlands found the rhythm and went to the front. They were leading until the clock hit the 15 minutes mark, then Sweden took the lead. The second quarter of the match was clearly in favour of Sweden, they built up a three-goal lead for halftime (16-13). The Swedish right wing, Nathalie Hagman made a one-girl show, scoring the half of the Swedish goals, she finished the first half with 8 goals.

The Swedish lead grew to 4 goals in the very beginning of the second period, but it took only two minutes for the fast Dutch girls to equalize from four goals behind. The Netherlands didn’t only equalize but took a two-goal lead (17-19)with a very quick 5-0 run after a Swedish lead of 17-13. A change in the Dutch goal also worked out well for them, Jasmina Jankovic (44%) was better than Tess Wester today. As the match went on, the Dutch girls became even more and more confident and were in front with one, two or three goals. However, they were not able to go above three goals and the Swedish girls equalized from -3 between the 50th and 53rd minutes.


Sweden couldn’t keep the win in the last seconds.

As in the last match of the both teams, another thriller end was expected as the both teams turned to the last five minutes with 27-27. For the first time after losing the four-goal advantage in the beginning of the second half, Sweden took back the lead at 28-27. The two points seemed to be decided when Sweden had a two-goal lead with less than two minutes left, but the Dutch girls had a different idea about the outcome of the match. First they reduced the difference to one goal by Angela Malestein, then Jankovic made a save, Henk Groener asked for timeout – the Oranjes attacked with seven field players, Danick Snelder scored in the last seconds to save one point for the Netherlands. The woman of the match was Nathalie Hagman who scored 14 goals in the match from 15 shots, almost the half of the Swedish goals.

Rio 2016 – Women’s Handball Tournament – Group B, 4th round
Sweden – Netherlands 29-29 (16-13)
Sweden: N. Hagman 14(6), J. Alm 3, A. Wallén 2, I. Gulldén 2, L. Torstensson 2, M. Ek 1, L. Sand 1, J. Roberts 1, C. Strömberg 1, F. Tegstedt 1, R. Jacobsen 1
Netherlands: A. Malestein 5, C. Groot 4, S. van Olphen 4, J. Luciano 3, M. Smeets 3, Y. Broch 2, K. Dulfer 2, E. Polman 2(1), M. Goos 1, D. Snelder 1, L. van der Heijden 1, L. Abbingh 1
Penalties: 6/7 – 1/1
Suspensions: 6 minutes – 2 minutes


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Olympic Games

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