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France to semifinals after miracle comeback

France to semifinals after miracle comeback

In the second quarterfinal Spain, the bronze medalist of the last edition of OG met France as a remake of the quarterfinals from the WCh in Denmark, and in the last encounter, Russia faced the surprise team from Africa, Angola.

Spain made a fantastic first half 12-5, and everybody could constate that the game is over for Olivier Krumbholz’s team.

But in the second half, Spain could not hold the same level in defence as they did earlier in the game, their offensive play also was weak, only Nerea Pena’s performance kept Spaniards in the match. French girls realised that is a “now or never” moment, they pulled together their play and managed to get a draw when the sixty minutes were whistled.

Result: 23-23.

In the extra time, France scored one goal more than their opponent and they took a semifinal berth making nearly a miracle.

Final result: 26-27

Spain –  France 26 – 27 (12 – 5) (11 – 18) ET: 24 – 25; 26 – 27


Spain: Pena 13(4), Martin 5, Mangue 1, Aguilar 1, Chavez 1, Cabral 4

France: Ayglon-Saurina 1, Pineau 5 (2), Landre 1, Dembele 4, Buleux 1, Edwige 1, Nze-Minko 1, Niombla 6(4), Lacrabére 7 (1)

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Olympic Games

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