Champions League

Krim advanced to Group D

Photo: Uros Pihner
Krim advanced to Group D

The second weekend of September marked the qualification tournaments of the Women’s EHF Champions League and all the participants of the group matches are known by now. In qualification Group 3, MKS Selgros Lublin beat Iuventa Michalovce in the match for the third place in the group. The surely disappointed Polish girls – they lost to Italian Indeco Conversano by one goal in the first day – scored a confident, 33-21 victory over the Slovakian champion. In the final, hosts RK Krim Mercator met the surprise team Indeco Conversano, and they made it clear right in the first round that they won’t miss their big chance to qualify for the Champions League group matches. Although Krim missed the gold medal in Slovenia against Zagorje last season, the former Champions League winners of Ljubljana will join the Scandinavian – Larvik, Esbjerg and Sävehof – Group D.

Iuventa Michalovce – MKS Selgros Lublin 21-33 (12-16)
Iuventa Michalovce: Levchenko 4, Dubautsova 3, Habankova 3, Alvares Lafuente 2, Chernova 2, Bajciova 1, Dziurova 1, Kisikova 1, Nagyova 1, Rebicova 1, Stefanikova 1, Wollingerova 1
MKS Selgros Lublin: Kozimur 7, Gega 5, Drabik 4, Matuszczyk 4, Rola 4, Kowalska 3, Nocun 3, Repelewska 2, Mihdaliova 1

RK Krim Mercator – Indeco Conversano 37-16 (20-7)
RK Krim Mercator: Kamdop 7, Baric 5, Benko 5, Omoregie 5, Milanovic Litre 4, Amon 3, Blazevic 3, Georgijev 3, Hrncic 1, Jericek 1
Indeco Conversano: Duran Morens 7, Rotondo 4, Babbo 2, Albertini 1, Barani 1, Lo Greco 1

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Champions League

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