Møbelringen Cup continues with Danish and Norwegian victories

photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud
Møbelringen Cup continues with Danish and Norwegian victories

In the second day of the Møbelringen Cup in Stavanger the two Scandinavian teams managed to seal the victories, Denmark defeated Russia, and in the second game hosts won over France too.

The DNB Arena from Stavanger was sold out, the fans supporting the Norwegian team, which will compete at the EURO 2016 with some new faces in their lines.

Saturday, 26/11-2016

Russia  – Denmark 22 – 30 (12 – 16)


Russia: Russia: Utkina, Trusova, Kalinina – Kuznetsova , J.Zhilinskayte , Dmitrieva 5(1), Sen 1(1) ,Goncharova 1, Sudakova 5, Samokhina, Makeeva 3, V.Zhilinskayte 3(3), Vedhekina, Sabirova 3 (1), Kozhokar, Malashenko, Gorshenina , Skorobogatchenko 1(1)

Denmark: Toft, Reinhardt – Okkels 1, Fisker 1, Hansen 6, Woller, Heindhal 6, Bøhme, Griegel, Bodholt Nielsen 1, Tranborg 5, Kristiansen 3 (1), De La Cour 1, Jensen Østergaard 2, Svalastog, Jørgensen, Haugsted 3, Uno Jensen 1

Anne Mette Hansen, Denmark | Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Anne Mette Hansen, Denmark | Photo: Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud

Norway –  France 29 – 20 (13 – 14)


Norway: Grimsbø, Si.Solberg – Hegh Arntzen 4, Kristiansen 5(1), Skogrand 1,  Ingstad 2, Mørk 2(1), Oftedal 6(1), Aune 1, Frafjord 3, Waade, Solaas, Kurtovic, Herrem 3, Sa. Solberg 2, Tomac

France: Foggia, Leynaud – Lassource, Kolczynski, Ayglon Saurina 1, Pineau 3(1), Landre 3, Prouvensier, Houette, Dembele 2, N’Gouan, Flippes 5, Horacek, Edwige, Nze Minko 1 ,  Niombla, Lacrabére 5 (2)

France had a good control over Norway in the first half and the team of Olivier Krumbholz was in lead at pause, 13_14.

Than Kari Aalvik Grimsbø replaced Silje Solberg in the goal, the Norwegian defence became tougher and France had big problems scoring. In the first 19 minutes French girls managed to put the ball only once behind Grimsbø, the goalkeeper was elected the best player of her team.

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