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Colic: “We are Serbians and Serbians can do anything now”

Photo: Uros Hocevar / EHF
Colic: “We are Serbians and Serbians can do anything now”

Obviously, the Serbian side was very happy with the victory, here are the words of Dragica Djuric, Jelena Lavko and MVP of the game Marija Colic.

Dragica Duric (SRB) – about facing Sweden in Stockholm:

“It will be a big pleasure to play against Sweden in front of seven thousand domestic fans. Sweden is a real favorite but that means nothing in this sport.”

Marija Colic (SRB) – goalkeeper 

Today, I had a good match but I want to speak about my team. I would not have been good, if they hadn‘t played so well. I‘m so proud of these girls. I think it’s the team. With defense like today, for me it’s not a problem to be good in the goal. I say my girls made this, my girls. The next round will be hard, but we have a really, really good team. I’m sure that it will be so nice to play there. Everything is possible. We are Serbian and Serbians can do anything now.”

Jelena Lavko (SRB) – Right back

“We are really happy after this game. Now we are going to the second round. We believed we would win, and we showed our true defense. In the first half it wasn’t so good but now we are so excited and so happy.”
The Spanish team was disappointed because of the bad start of the EURO. Marta Lopez and Jorge Duenas shared their thoughts.

Jorge Duenas (ESP) – Spain coach

When you lose the first two matches, it is hard to keep calm and concentrated. The most important thing is to recover from the hit and play with our heads. We have a possibility to win and go through, but tomorrow we have to use the rest day.”

Marta Lopez (ESP) – Right wing
“At the beginning we has some bad minutes in defense. They had more energy than us, we started to have doubts and we were bad in front of the goal. This was our main mistake today, because we played good defense in the second half and we started a comeback. We should have won this match; we should be more strong. I think is a wealth of things (as an explanation for the bad form), but we are at the EHF EURO and there is no excuse for it. The team is really bad – you should be on the inside to see how we are affected when we lose.”
About the injuries of Marta Mangue and Nerea Pena and on the next round:
“When something starts to go wrong, everything goes wrong. We had a lot of bad luck today. We must keep fighting. On Thursday we have another final and we have something to say. It’s a bad start, everything seems difficult, but we should fight for this EHF EURO and especially for the future.”
Source: EHF
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Euro 2016

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