Euro 2016

Krumbholz before the semifinal: “….it’s fair to say we have the best defence in the world”

Krumbholz before the semifinal: “….it’s fair to say we have the best defence in the world”

About France’s performance so far:

“We didn’t set a very high goal in the beginning of the tournament, but we knew all the time that we had a good team. We have played a very good defensive game all through the tournament, and I think it’s fair to say we have the best defence in the world.

“Also, we have two very good goalkeepers, which is the most important position on the field in handball.

“Our offensive game is still a bit unstable but always, from previous experiences, when we reach semi-finals and finals, our offensive game gets better and better. Naturally, we are very happy to have reached the semi-finals, and also very happy to play against Norway, cause we have a long history of games and a good ambience together with Norway.”

About the health and injury status of players:

“All players are ready to play. Of course, some are a bit tired. We haven’t used all available players. I prefer to be in the semi-finals with the players that have played, instead of being eliminated and having used all players.”

Thoughts about  Norway:

“What’s new in the Norwegian team is the strength of the back players. Three back players with a very good physique and a lot of speed. The most important is to keep up with their physical strength, and the rhythm of the game is also very important.

“We will keep focused on the performance of our own team, and we hope to play and aim to play a very good game. The French philosophy is: better than yesterday, but less good than tomorrow – always progressing.”


source: EHF

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Euro 2016

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