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“A dream came true. We made history“ – Chile wins against Belarus

“A dream came true. We made history“ – Chile wins against Belarus

With a little surprise the Group C started on Friday. Chile defeats Belarus with 32:28.

“That is a dream, a wonderful dream“, Erwin Feuchtmann said right after the match.

A few minutes before, Chile was celebrating their first win in a group stage at a World Championship.

“We made history. Together with my two brothers, it’s unbelieveable“, Erwin, one of three Feuchtmann-brothers in team Chile, said after the match. He was one of the main actors in the match against Belarus.

Chile had a good start and was in the lead with four goals, but after 20 minutes the belarussian team, coached by Iuri Chevtsov, scored the equalizer (10:10). The draw was also existing at half time.
After the break it was Belarus who got in the lead. The team became stronger, but Chile was still close and reached another equalizer. But after the 19:19, the team from South America had some problems by defending the tall back-court players and missed chances in the attack. They also missed too many chances at this time in the match.

The result was that Belarus went in front again. But Chile was fighting. Belarus was missing two players for nearly three minutes because of two minute suspensions, that was the chance for Chile to came back. And Chile seized the chance. They reached the equalizer and got in the lead again. And although Erwin Feuchtmann got a two minute suspension, Chile was fighting.

“As i was sitting a little bit nervous on the bench, my coach said to me ‘be quite, be relaxed, you will come back and you have to be fit””, Erwin described his feelings.

In the last minutes, he scored very important goals for his team. The 26:25 and one minute before the end he saved the win with his goal after a seven meter throw. Chile won by four goals, after the fnal whistle there was big hapiness and the coach, Mateo Garralda, and some of the players were crying.

“We won against an European team. Thats a dream. We are so proud. We are a very small nation in handball”, Erwin Feuchtmann was celebrating this victory.

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World Championship 2017 France

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