EHF Cup: Cold welcome for Rostov in Trondheim

EHF Cup: Cold welcome for Rostov in Trondheim

From this year women’s EHF Cup is also organised after the well-known model from the men competition, with four groups of four teams each qualified from the previous rounds and teams eliminated from the Champions League previous phases.

Group A: Nantes, Randers HK, Oldenburg, IK Savehof

Group B: Brest, Fehervar KC, Kuban, Leipzig

Group C: Rostov Don, Bietigheim, ERD, Byåsen

Group D: NFH, Metzingen, Lada, Glassverket

Maybe the biggest favourite of this competition this year is considered the Russian superpower, Rostov-Don. The Russian team was eliminated from the CL groups and they are in the group C alongside with German Bietigheim, Hungarian ERD and Norwegian Byåsen.

In the first round Rostov defeated clearly the Hungarians from ERD but in the second round Katrine Lunde’s team was stopped by the third Norwegian team of the moment, Byåsen from Trondheim.

The Russian team with players like Dembele, Barbosa, Rodriguez, Sen, Lunde or Vyakhireva had problems to score in the first half, when Byåsen had six and eight goals advantage, the first time ended 18 – 13. Byåsen was led by Emilie Hegh Arntzen and their goalkeeper Andrea Pedersen, meanwhile Rostov’s goalkeepers saved their first ball in the 28th minute of the game.

In the second half Rostov managed to close the gap when Barbosa, Sen, Rodriguez and Dembele made a better period in the attack,  23 – 23.

Byåsen could not be scared, they managed to fight back and take the lead again, making a sensational match in the Niddarøhallen in Trondheim and winning the game 29 – 25.

Byåsen Trondheim – Rostov -Don 29 – 25 (18 – 13)


Byåsen: Hegh Arntzen 7, Jacobsen 6, Venn 6, Waade 5, Alstad 2, Høgdahl 2, Aardahl 1

Rostov:  Barbosa 7, Dembele 4, Managarov a3, Chernoivanneko 2, Rodriguez 2, Sen 2, Vyakhireva 2, Borschenko 1, Petrova 1

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