World Championship 2017 France

21 goal win over Chile – Germany on the way to the eight final

21 goal win over Chile – Germany on the way to the eight final

After the surprising win over Belarus, Chile was not able to keep up with the European Champion. Germany missed a few chances at the beginning, but Chile was at no time in a position to follow the team from Dagur Sigurdsson. Germany won 35:17 and achieved the second win in the second match at this World Championship. Chile will focus on the matches against Hungary and Saudi-Arabia to reach the next round.

„It was not our aim to win against Germany“, Erwin Feuchtmann said after the match. „We will just focus on the match against Saudi-Arabia. Germany is better. We had no chance. We believe that we can do something against Saudi-Arabia, so our focus is on this match. That will be very important.“

His brother Emil also said that his team will reach the next round with a win against the Asian team. „That is why we spent not so much time in preparation on the match against Germany. We just got little information via video. We will put all of our energy into the matches against Hungary and Saudi-Arabia.“

In the first half one goal of Chile was followd by four from Germany, so that the Europeans was in the lead with 17:6 at half time. Germanys goalkeeper Wolff saved 63% in the first thirty minutes; at the end he had a fantastic rate of 53% saved shots. In the second half Germany played more concentrated and more efficient.

„That was not an easy walk as it seemed to be“, Julius Kühn, four goals, comment on the match. „The difficulty was to hold the concentration, so that nobody will get injured.“ But in the first half Paul Drux got injured. „I don’d know what is it, but I feel pain“, Drux comment after the match.

„We hope that it is not too bad for him“, Drux’ teammate Patrick Wiencek said. „I think we did it in a serious way. Chile beated Belarus, and Belarus had not such a bad squad. We played with 100 percent from the beginning on and got into the lead. At the end the match was a little bit like a chewing gum, but we played very well until the end.“

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World Championship 2017 France

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