World Championship 2017 France

Andreas Wolff, Germany: “We did it in a serious way”

Andreas Wolff, Germany: “We did it in a serious way”

“At the beginning we had some problems,“ Andreas Wolff said right after the win against Belarus.

Germany also won its fourth match at the World Championship in France, but had some problems in the first half.

“16 goals against us in the first half. It is obviously that we had a problem with our defense”, Wolff added.

“The first half was not good enough, we were always one step behind. We had a lack in aggressiveness especially in defense,” Coach Sigurdsson said.

The match against Belarus was not that easy of course as the two last matches against Chile and Saudi-Arabia, but Germany improved their performance with the beginning of the second half and is still unbeaten in this tournament.

“I think we did it in a serious way,” Andreas Wolff said. “With Heinevetter we had a strong goalkeeper and Kühn did a quite good performance in shooting. In the second half we stabilized our defense.”

Germany and Belarus were fighting head to head in the first half, a lot of changes in leading were seen by the 5.000 spectators in the arena. Just one second before the break Kai Häfner scored the 16:16.

“The second half started very well”, the headcoach of Germany, Dagur Sigurdsson, said at the press conference.

Patrick Groetzki scored three times in a row an brought Germany to the first lead by three goals. Another three goals in a row and Germany was leading with 24:18. That was a kind of decision in the match although 18 minutes were left.

“Belarus was going to play with more risk, but we could use it more than them.” Sigurdsson said and gave a big hand to the team coached by Iouri Chevtsov. “They played a good game and were very strong today. The did their best performance in this tournament so far.”

Chevtsov congratulate the German team. “The first half was nearly perfect. In the second we lost the ball too many times so the lead was to big. I wish all success or Germany!”

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World Championship 2017 France

From Germany following handball for years, and have en eye on both men's and women's handball.

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