EHF Cup: no team 100% any more

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EHF Cup: no team 100% any more

The 4th round of the Women’s EHF Cup brought a lot of excitement for the fans as the situation seems to clear up in the groups – or is it just becoming more complicated?

Group A
Before the 4th round, Nantes was the only team that hasn’t lost a single point in the EHF Cup so far. This is not the situation any more: the French team couldn’t win in Denmark against Randers so there is no team in the competition with a 100% winning rate any more. In the other match of Group A, Champions League participant Sävehof won a derby with 70 goals against Oldenburg. The Germans are out of the race for two places in the next stage.

Randers HK – Nantes Loire Atlantique HB 26-26 (12-10)
IK Sävehof – VfL Oldenburg 37-33 (18-14)

1. Nantes Loire Atlantique HB 7 points
2. Randers HK 5 points
3. IK Sävehof 4 points
4. VfL Oldenburg 0 points

Group B
Just like last weekend, Alba Fehérvár KC missed a great chance for a big step forward as for the second time in two weeks, they couldn’t save Brest Bretagne from equalizing in the last seconds. This weekend, they were leading by 6 goals with just 10 minutes left, still they dropped one point. They could have been in a good situation with these two points dropped, but this way they will have to fight very hard to survive. Russian club Kuban matched the expectations winning against the bleeding HC Leipzig in Germany. Leipzig’s quarterfinal hopes are gone.

Brest Bretagne Handball – Alba Fehérvár KC 21-21 (7-11)
HC Leipzig – Kuban 27-33 (12-19)

1. Brest Bretagne Handball 6 points
2. Kuban 6 points
3. Alba Fehérvár KC 4 points
4. HC Leipzig 0 points

Allison Pineau, France

Allison Pineau played a big role in Brest’s epic comeback against Alba Fehérvár.

Group C
After losing to Byasen in the second round, Rostov seems to find the rhythm. This time they proved with a confident, 10-goal win against Bietigheim that they came here to win. In the other match, ÉRD corrected the surprising defeat against Byasen from last week: they defeated the Norwegians 34-22 to prove they are the better team. In the strongest group of the EHF Cup, all the 4 teams are in the race for the quarterfinals.

Rostov-Don – SG BBM Bietigheim 34-24 (19-11)
ÉRD – Byasen Trondheim 34-22 (15-12)

1. Rostov-Don 6 points
2. ÉRD 4 points
3. Byasen Trondheim 4 points
4. SG BBM Bietigheim 2 points

Group D
Just like Fehérvár and Brest in Group B, Nykobing and Glassverket were once again unable to decide their match. After finishing 25-25 in Norway last week, the match ended 32-32 in Denmark this weekend. Metzingen lost a nail-biter at home against Lada and this can cost them much at the end of the day. The situation is quite the same as in Group C: no team is eliminated and no team is safe.

Nykobing FH – Glassverket 32-32 (15-20)
TuS Metzingen – Handball Club Lada 23-24 (12-13)

1. Nykobing FH 6 points
2. TuS Metzingen 4 points
3. Handball Club Lada 4 points
4. Glassverket 2 points


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