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CSM Bucuresti – the ballade of (head)coaches

Per Johansson working, Aurelian Rosca is not to be seen in the photo/photo: CSM Bucuresti
CSM Bucuresti – the ballade of (head)coaches
Ibolya Szekeres

Two days earlier, Romanian club, CSM Bucuresti had announced a new contract they signed with a new coach, who will be meant to work as a technical director, besides the existing coaching team formed by Aurelian Rosca-head coach, Adrian Vasile and Linus Persson. The newcomer coach is Swedish Per Johansson (47), known by handball world as the former head coach of the Swedish women team (2006 – 2011), leading Sweden to a silver medal at the EURO 2010.

Per Johansson: “I am very glad that I am in Bucharest. It is an opportunity that I could not refuse, while I am aware of the huge challenge of the coming weeks. We have one week to prepare the first match (quarter-final)  against FTC and achieve the victory. It is an honor to be here.”

Right after the Swede started to work in Bucuresti, has announced that Aurelian Rosca has resigned of the position as head coach, which position he only had on paper after Johansson got the job. Rosca had to see himself only in an assistant role, finding out quickly that he has no responsibility anymore, but Per Johansson will lead every training session, the matches and is his responsibility to qualify the team to the F4.

” I am not a puppet. I achieved every goal with the team until now, so I don’t really get the meaning of bringing a new coach.”-Rosca said to the above-mentioned source. The club let him resign and paid his salary for the next four months.

CSM Bucuresti started this season with Jakob Vestergaard on the bench, but he was quickly fired after the weak performance of the team in the group stages of the CL. Than came Rosca, but Romanian media sources are saying that he could not control the team totally and he had also communication problems with the foreign players of the squad.

The ballade is to be continued….


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  1. Flavius

    April 2, 2017 at 09:44

    The source that you quoted, gsp, isn’t reliable at all, it’s a romanian that tells you that! For handball, another romanian sources are more reliable!
    The CSM Bucuresti board and the romanian coach, Aurelian Rosca, talked about the quality of CSM’s game under Rosca and the conclusion was clear, it was not good! The romanian coach understood that and, togheter with the board decided to resign in a peaceful way.
    He didn’t said the he considered himself a pupet, because the game wasn’t working and he also admitted that!

  2. Ibolya Szekeres

    Ibolya Szekeres

    April 2, 2017 at 10:00

    Thank you for your comment. We know well all the sources and we wish to present a various picture of the situation.

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