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Oana Manea: “Per Johansson made us again strong as a group”

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Oana Manea: “Per Johansson made us again strong as a group”

TIPPMIX EHF FINAL 4, Media Call, Aquincum hotel, Budapest

Per Johansson, head coach (CSM Bucuresti)

” This was a great opportunity for me, to be able to be the head-coach of this team and I am very excited to start the match tomorrow. For a  head coach at a club is the biggest to lead a team in an event like TIPPMIX EHF FINAL 4.  I had never coached earlier such an experienced team with such valuable players. I believe that my team is prepared and ready to fight against

“I believe that my team is prepared and ready to fight against Vardar, which is a very good team formed of top-class players and many coaches had helped them along the way this season (Vardar has changed four head coaches this season –  the author). I think that to be able to win we have to set a strong, compact defense because as we know with a good attack you can win matches but with a good defense, you win titles.

“There is a good atmosphere inside the team, we start to know each other better and I have to say that I had a great help from Linnea and Bella, which are two very important bricks of this team, Gullden is an incontestable leader and the brain of the attack, meanwhile Torstensson is the coordinator of our defence together with Ayglon, so if I have something to say, communicate they can very easily translate the message. This gives me a huge safety in my work.

Linnea Torstensson, leftback (CSM Bucuresti

“I am very excited, but I am not nervous, I am looking forward to the semifinal against Vardar tomorrow. This is my second time in a row here, I would like to win my second Champions League title of course, but this edition of the TIPPMIX EHF FINAL 4 is very balanced and every team has its chance. I would just like to enjoy my time here together with my team and play good handball.

“Vardar is a  tough opponent and even if we played against them last year also, now I expect a totally different game as the teams has changed on both sides and both teams has also changed many head coaches this season on the way to Budapest. last year we met Vardar in the Main Round so we had already an idea what handball they play but now we will meet them first tomorrow and this changes the way how we will approach this encounter.

“Per Johansson as a head coach came in right before the quarterfinals and helped the team a lot to be able to show our better face. For me personally was an advantage to get a Swedish coach as his methods, his way to work was well-known to me from Scandinavia and as we know every country has its way to train and play.

“How the new head coach changed the team and which extras he gave to CSM Bucuresti? I would say that he gave us structure both on workouts and matches, and not least he made us look at the same direction again, and be more like a team.

Oana Manea, lineplayer (CSM Bucuresti)-team captain

” We made a very good preparation, worked hard and I feel that if every us will do their job so we can win the semifinal tomorrow.

“Vardar is a different team compared to last season, they transferred new players, but they had also problems this season, changed several coaches and their play looks like more individual than a team.

” Last year we came here to Budapest without any pressure on our shoulders, we had a calmness and coolness in us and that was the key factor to be able to make a very good two matches and win the trophy. Now we are the title holders and everybody wants to win against us, that’s why it will be very important to keep calm and focus only on our tasks.

” The new head coach, Swedish Per Johansson changed the team in a good way, he is a very good coach who gave us back the strenghth of the group which we lacked in the first part of this season. Under his leadership, we became more united, stronger as a team and every player of the collective is aware of the fact that she is important for the team and the group works only if every of us does the work.”



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