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Penezic would change her topscorer award to the real trophy

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Penezic would change her topscorer award to the real trophy
Ibolya Szekeres

Irina Dibirova,  head coach of Vardar

About the final’s atmosphere and her team:

”The atmosphere was great and the fans were amazing during this weekend here in Budapest. Congratulations to Győr and I would like to say „thank you” to our team. It was difficult to change the head coach three times in this season. I am proud of my team.”

Andrea Penezic, left back of Vardar

About the lost final

“You can’t imagine how I feel right now. Playing two hard games in two days is very tough. We did our best but at the end, Györ could win by one goal. It was a dream come true for us to play in the final for the first time. We were prepared to win the title but it wasn’t enough.”

About her topscorer award:

“It’s always nice to win individual awards but I have to say thank you to my team. But if you would ask me to change this award to the Champions League title I  would go for it.”


Anja Althaus, line player of Vardar

About the lost final:

“I’m full of emotions and hard to talk after this game. We didn’t start very well, but we come back and fought till the end. I’m really proud of the team, and my teammates, and also the fans were amazing, we stand together. But we lost, unfortunately by only one goal and it’s very hard because if we had lost by three goals, it would have been easier to get over it. Overall, it was a great final, with an outstanding atmosphere, and we can go home with our heads up.”

“The match was a real advertisement for the sport of handball and I am happy that I could be part of it.

About the future (Anja Althaus will finish her career after this event)

“The team will continue to work hard, but for me, it’s over, this was my last big final, and big game, but I will support the girls from outside, and I knew, they will come back, and I hope, they will win next year.”

source: EHF

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Champions League
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