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Luka Karabatic: “We need to move the focus toward the final…”

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Luka Karabatic: “We need to move the focus toward the final…”

After the first semifinal of the Velux EHF FINAL4 PSG managed to get a narrow victory and hit the final 26-27. Telekom Veszprém made a good defensive game, but they had too many mistakes in the offensive phase. It is a big disappointment for the Hungarian side to not reach the final. On the other hand, PSG had a fantastic season and they have a  consistent squad.

How the involved ones saw the game from inside the court?

Uwe Gensheimer (PSG)-leftwinger:

” It was a very difficult game against a very good team. Both teams had great defenses in this match and we really had problems with the fast players like Palmarsson and Lékai from Veszprém creating spaces for Nagy and the line players.

“We made a good fight and we are very happy to play the final tomorrow. But we need now to focus on recovery to be able to give our best tomorrow.

Noka Serdarusic, head coach- PSG:

” As a coach,  I am happy to win this semifinal, which was a hard game,  with a big fight and showed powerful handball on both sides.

“Even when my team had two goals advantage, we know that it will be tough until the end of the game.

“We are in the final and we have the chance to win the CL, this is the most important. Who will be the opponent in the final? Not a crucial question as you want to lift the trophy here so you have to defeat every team.

Jesper Nielsen (PSG), line player 

“It was a great fight between two teams on the same level. There is not much difference in these kinds of matches. I think it was no difference at all in the way of playing handball itself, just that little bit of luck you need in such fights.” (source: EHF)

Luka Karabatic (PSG) – line player

“This is the first time when PSG made it to the final of the VELUX EHF FINAL 4 and this is my first time to play here in Cologne. This was a tough game, but I feel that we got a big victory here, because we managed to win against a very good team in a very narrow game.

” Now we have like fifteen minutes to celebrate this victory than we have to start focusing on tomorrow’s game because we really want to win the final and lift the trophy.

Xavi Sabate (Veszprem) –  head coach

“First of all I would like to congratulate to Paris. Good luck for the final. About the match, I think that we played better, but suddenly they were leading by three goals. This was mainly due to our own mistakes which brought them to the fastbreaks. We are very disappointed about that loss altough these are the four best teams. I am very proud of my players, this was a very hard season with three hard competitions. But it is still not finished, there is another match to do, so we have to stand up as we want to finish the season with a victory at least.” (source: EHF)



Gasper Marguc (Veszprem) – rightwinger

” We are very disappointed,  we came her to win today. We played a tough game against PSG,  it was a close game, could have gone either way,  but we missed a lot of shots and the opponent was luckier today and they won. Congratulate for PSG!

“We really wanted to win the CL, this year, we have worked hard for that during the season but we did not make it to the final.  Now we have to recover and try to in the bronze medals tomorrow.

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