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All parties satisfied (?), story with a happy (?) ending – Palmarsson to Barcelona – official

photo: Dávid Vörös
All parties satisfied (?), story with a happy (?) ending – Palmarsson to Barcelona – official

In the triangle of  Telekom Veszprém –  Aron Palmarsson – FC Barcelona Lassa each of the concerned parties could consider them satisfied (?) as the Hungarian handball club has announced today officially that the club got a high compensation from the Catalan club, Palmarsson is FC Barcelona Lassa player from now and everything is solved and smoothed.

The story started this summer when Aron Palmarsson wanted to make his transfer to Barcelona earlier than his valid contract with Veszprém would have ended, and behind the curtains, the two clubs tried to make an agreement regarding the Icelandic playmaker. FC Barcelona Lassa did not want to pay any compensation for the Hungarian club as they already had the signature of Palmarsson from July 2018 and the Icelander should finish his contract in Hungary first-was the verdict (these were not officially published facts, only rumors).

The thing has escalated right before the first Telekom Veszprém practice when the new head-coach Ljubomir Vranjes got an SMS from Palmarsson and was informed that instead of participating in the training, he will rather travel home to Iceland. (Aron Palmarsson’s girlfriend is pregnant with their first baby)

Until last week Palmarsson were practicing in Iceland and again behind the curtains, a big dealing process started and was implemented in order to sell the playmaker from one club to another, but on the table was lying also the option to get a suspension for the player who violated the contract with Veszprém.

Today’s official press release from Veszprém clearly shows that each of the concerned parties was interested only in the best of the handball sport and the player, with the necessary financial compensation for the club (Veszprém) which lost one of its most important bricks for this season.

As the end of the story, FC Barcelona Lassa paid an enormous amount of money (the sum is not announced, but is estimated to be somewhere between 700.000 and 1 million Euros) as compensation for Telekom Veszprém, Aron Palmarsson gets away without a serious suspension from the handball court and can already start playing handball in Barcelona as soon as possible. Veszprém got the money, and they will try to transfer another player in the winter break if they manage to find one for this level, rumors were about Serbian Petar Nenadic, playing currently at Füchse Berlin.

The real question here is regarding the facts: what is a contract, what means to violate a contract and if really are so easy to get away without any serious consequences for the violating part and if this case will create a precedent for future occurrences????

Aron Palmarsson | Photo: AFP

The official press release from Telekom Veszprém:

“… Aron Palmarsson, regardless of his live contract, informed our head coach Ljubomir Vranjes in a message that he will not participate in the first training of the season, instead, he travels home. This counts as a serious contract violation, because of which, Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. broke up the contract of the player and issued a disciplinary procedure at the Hungarian Handball Federation, after which procedure the player could have been given a 2-year suspension.

“Since Aron Palmarsson has already been in contract with FC Barcelona from the 1 July, 2018, Mr. David Barrufet Bofill informed us that their club – disregarding the fact that they strongly disapprove the behavior of the player – would be willing to pay a compensation instead of Aron Palmarsson to Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd., in the case of Veszprém’s approval of letting the player step on court in the colors of the Catalan club in this season.
“After the Icelandic player admitted that he made a serious mistake, Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. was willing to go into negotiations with FC Barcelona, in order to not break an outstanding player’s career in half. Because of the negotiations between the two clubs, Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd. asked the Hungarian Handball Federation many times to postpone the disciplinary hearing of the player.
“Aron Palmarsson seriously offended the supporters of Telekom Veszprém and his teammates with his reckless decision. It is undeniable however, that while he was the part of the team, his exceptional abilities helped Veszprém many times.
“The clashes of the two teams were always the highlighted events of the international handball community. During the Palmarsson case, the leaders of both clubs kept the interests of the handball sport in mind while keeping the good relationship between the two clubs.
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