FTC win Hungarian classic

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FTC win Hungarian classic

The last day of October marked the date for the biggest match of the Hungarian league: FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria met Győri Audi ETO KC in Budapest. On the home side, Zita Szucsánszki and Dóra Hornyák still weren’t 100% fit before the match after injuries, while on the other side of the court, the signs didn’t seem really good: Anne Mette Hansen, Zsuzsanna Tomori, Jana Knedlikova and Nycke Groot were still missing from the line-up of Győri ETO. Any team of the world would feel the absence of these players, but despite the problems, the guests took a lightning start in the first minutes. The defending Hungarian champions played concentrated and accurate which lead to an early 4-goal lead (0-4), while FTC was making a lot of mistakes in the first stage of the game. After the slow start, the hosts were taking up the rhythm of the game and closed up on their opponent. In the 16th minute, they equalized (6-6) and less than 10 minutes later, for the first time, FTC took the lead (10-9). However, the guests didn’t start panicking after this – with two quick goals, the lead was on the guest side. Little did they know it was the last time in the match. The half ended undecided (11-11).

To the contrary of the beginning of the first half, in the first minutes of the second half, it was ETO that seemed to have stayed in the locker room. Within just 8 minutes, the lead of the home team grew to 5 goals (18-13) and not only the difference but the level of their play seemed hopeless for the defending champions. They were struggling to score against a great Blanka Bíró, while Nerea Pena and Anikó Kovacsics were highly effective on the other side. After the flop of the first minutes, Győr managed to stop the momentum of FTC and Szidónia Puhalák’s entering brought a new color to the game. With some great goals from the young Hungarian left wing and saves from Kari Grimsbö, Győr managed to decrease the difference and came back in sight again. The guests were even struggling from the seven meter line – it took 47 minutes to score a goal from a penalty, from the 4th try. In the 52th minute, the guests equalized and a nail-biter last 8 minutes were waiting for the passionate fans from both sides. Despite all the efforts Győri Audi ETO KC made to stand up from -5 in the second half, the final minutes were better from FTC and the home team kept the two points in Budapest in a tense match of the two best teams of Hungary. FTC remained the only undefeated team in the league.

K&H League – 7th round
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria – Győri Audi ETO KC 27-25 (11-11)
FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria: N. Pena 8(4), A. Kovacsics 8(2), N. Háfra 3, D. Snelder 2, M. Jovanovic 2, N. Schatzl 1, D. Faluvégi 1, G. Márton 1, V. Lukács 1
Győri Audi ETO KC: E. Amorim 5, Sz. Puhalák 4, A. Görbicz 4(3), S. Oftedal 4, N. Mörk 4, Y. Broch 3, B. Bódi 1
Penalties: 6/6 ; 6/3
Suspensions: 8 minutes ; 6 minutes

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