Champions League

Győr took revenge on Rostov

photo: Tamás Csonka
Győr took revenge on Rostov

Champions League, Round 4

Group B

Győri Audi ETO KC –  Rostov Don 25 – 23 (13 – 9)


Győr – Amorim 5, Görbicz 5, Oftedal 4, Mörk 4, Puhalák 3, Bódi 3, Althaus 1

Rostov – Rodriguez Belo 5, Dembele 5, Managarova 4, Vjakhireva 4, Bulatovic 1, Ilina 1, Petrova 1

Seven meters: 2/2; 3/2

Suspensions: 6 minutes; 10 minutes

Stine Bredal Oftedal, Győr
photo: győrietokc

The last match of round 4 in the Women’s EHF Champions League was scheduled on a Monday night in Audi Arena in Győr. The reasons why this encounter could not be played on a weekend is that the hall was already the host venue for some other events during the last days.

The hosts still need to play without the injured Anne Mette Hansen, Zsuzsanna Tomori, Nycke Groot and Jana Knedlikova, an issue which makes the preparation for every game challenging in a way for Ambros Martin. Last week Győr lost the Hungarian derby against their direct rivals in the championship, FTC winning in Budapest on a two-goal difference, gaining an advantage in the Hungarian League. Is unusual for Győr losing two matches in such a short period of time as they lost the first game in Rostov too in the previous round.

Russians arrived confident to Győr with the same powerful squad and had plans to cause some problems to the hosts.

Győri Audi ETO KC secured the lead from the first minutes and built up the advantage during the first half, due to a rock-solid defense and a high-level goalkeeper performance from Kari Aalvik Grimsbø. 8 -4 was the result at the middle of the first half, Rostov was struggling to score and hosts had a good flow in their offensive play, where Amorim, Oftedal, Mørk or Görbicz were efficient. Barbosa and Vjakhireva showed a better performance on the Russian side, the first half ended 13 – 9.

In the second part of the game, the guests started with a better play, they managed to reduce the gap when Managarova or Dembele ran in their fastbreak goals. The title-holders were in three-four goals lead for fifty minutes when the fatigue started to be shown on Gyor-players, having a short line-up while Rostov kept replacing players in every position in order to rest the key players for the money-time. Led by the Brazilian duo, Pessoa in the goal and Rodriguez Belo on playmaker position, Rostov came as close as one goal, 23-22, but they never managed to level the game despite a good effort. Stine Bredal Oftedal scored the goal of the victory and even if the last minute of the game  Rostov had the ball to attack, they failed to put the ball behind Kiss, who made several great saves in the dying minutes of the match. Final result: 25 – 23

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Champions League

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